RG III report: Wisdom from Tom Brady

RICHMOND, Va. -- They didn’t talk long, but it was enough for New England quarterback Tom Brady to provide Robert Griffin III words of wisdom. Not to mention a reminder of both their situations.

As they chatted during the Redskins-Patriots joint practice, Brady reminded Griffin that: A) he’s been around a while and B) Griffin could be around a long time.

“He was saying he’d been in the same offense for 15 years,” Griffin said. “It’s astounding, amazing. They’re able to plug guys in. They’ve got two quick sudden receivers in [Danny] Amendola and [Julian] Edelman. They have a lot of good pieces.”

Brady also reminded Griffin that the Redskins’ quarterback is only entering his third season.

“[He said] I’ve got a lot of football left in me,” Griffin said. “That’s big coming from a guy like him. I appreciate that. Hopefully I get a chance to sit down with him if he’s not too busy.”

Griffin and the Redskins’ offense operated at a more bumpy pace than New England’s, as probably should be the case. Brady’s protection was, for the most part, stronger and the pockets he delivered threw wider. But New England’s offensive style is different; the Patriots throw underneath an awful lot, allowing Brady to unload the ball in 2.0 seconds or less at times.

It makes a difference. If Griffin wanted to throw more slow-developing routes, it didn’t always work – sometimes because the receivers were not getting as much separation, whether because of Brandon Browner’s jams or Darrelle Revis’ coverage ability.

In a later 11-on-11 series, Griffin did have time to hit tight end Jordan Reed on an intermediate cross. They connected later on a play in which Griffin looked left, middle and then out to the right for Reed, leading him with his throw. Griffin did not connect with DeSean Jackson on any deep throws; they can thank Revis for that.

Once, when the Redskins sent three receivers on longer routes, Griffin was contained in the pocket and by the time he slide to his left he would have been sacked (5.0 seconds elapsed on the play). The receivers weren’t open.

“Our second [11-on-11] session was good,” Griffin said. “It all balances out in the end. We had good third-down conversions in move-the-ball period. It’s not easy when they’re playing bump coverage, but we did a good job with it.”

The offenses are at different points in their development and that was obvious watching the practice. Brady operated at a level of efficiency the Redskins’ offense has not shown this summer.

“We’re coming along when it comes to chemistry,” Griffin said. “To have as many new additions as we do, it will take time. We’re not behind, we’re not ahead. We’re in a good spot right now for training camp.

“It’s further along than people would have expected at this point with [Roberts] and DeSean and Santana [Moss] moving around a lot. Everyone’s playing a different role. Nothing is perfect right now.”