Redskins wake-up call

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Washington Redskins and Patriots will practice only one time Tuesday, at 1:35 p.m. ET. Temperatures will be in the upper 80s with a small chance of rain. Here are three areas that I'll be monitoring:

  1. How the Redskins' defense handles the no-huddle attack. When New England first ran it Monday it certainly clicked, with quarterback Tom Brady hitting receivers underneath and in stride. Sort of like he's been running it for, oh, 15 years. But this provides great work for the Redskins, who will face up-tempo attacks a handful of times this season. It comes down to communication and stamina.

  2. How Robert Griffin III fares. It's hard to sometimes accurately judge him because in a real game he'll likely leave the pocket more than he does now. He's still gaining a comfort level here and, coach Jay Gruden said, needs to improve his decision-making (actually, Gruden said that in reference to all the quarterbacks). That's natural in the first year of an offense. But how does he improve from Monday to Tuesday?

  3. The receivers' work against bump coverage. The Patriots were physical. Very physical. They took some receivers out of their routes and caused disruption in other routes. It didn't happen every time but it was enough to be noticeable and it is something that has to improve for Washington. The Redskins are building their attack around the belief that they have three receivers who can work well vs. such coverage.