Pregame notes: Beckett says he feels better

Should be ready to pitch Saturday

September 29, 2009, 4:27 PM

By: Amy Nelson

BOSTON -- Here are the lineups for Tuesday's Red Sox-Blue Jays game. Nothing out of the ordinary. Josh Beckett met with the media before the game and said he felt "a lot better today than yesterday." He said he expects to "absolutely" be able to make his next start, right now slated for Saturday against the Indians.

Nick Green ran outside with trainers at about 60 percent and he said he feels much better today than he did yesterday. He hit about 30 balls off a tee, but still feels very fatigued. He hopes to go "full bore" withhin next two days, otherwise his hopes for making the first round postseason roster.

Red Sox
8 Jacoby Ellsbury
4 Dustin Pedroia
2 Victor Martinez
5 Kevin Youkilis
DH David Ortiz
7 Jason Bay
9 J.D. Drew
3 Casey Kotchman
6 Alex Gonzalez
1 Clay Buchholz

Blue Jays
9 Jose Bautista
4 Aaron Hill
DH Adam Lind
8 Vernon Wells
3 Lyle Overbay
2 Rod Barajas
5 Kevin Millar
7 Travis Snider
6 John McDonald
1 J.C. Romero


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