Dustin Pedroia ejected in return

BOSTON -- Dustin Pedroia says he's feeling OK, but wishes his return to the lineup had been longer after he was ejected during Sunday's 4-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Boston Red Sox second baseman was forced out of Friday night's game after bruising his hand and sat out Saturday night. After undergoing X-rays and an MRI that didn't show any problems, Pedroia was back in the lineup Sunday. Pedroia got in two at-bats before he was ejected in between the third and fourth innings.

"I'm never trying to show the umpires up, even if I disagree with a pitch at the time," Pedroia said. "I try to put my head down so they don't know if I'm talking to them or whatever. It happens."

It seemed Pedroia took particular exception to the second strike call in his third-inning at-bat. He later grounded out to the shortstop and wasn't ejected until after the side was retired.

"One pitch can change the at-bat," he added.

On the matter of his hand, Pedroia said it's feeling better after a precautionary off-day.

"I was more concerned after the game [Friday], when I just landed in a weird position and it was hurting all game," he said. "I took a swing, hit the ball off the end of the bat and it wasn't fun.

"I just bruised the back part of my hand. It's fine. I felt fine in the two at-bats I had, so that's good news."