Red Sox restructure medical staff

BOSTON -- After the historic September collapse by the Boston Red Sox, the organization made it a point to examine the team's medical and training staffs with the likelihood of changes for the 2012 season.

The Red Sox made those changes official on Thursday afternoon.

Rick Jameyson, who spent the last 20 seasons as athletic trainer with the Cleveland Indians, has been named head trainer. Mike Reinold, Boston's former head trainer/assistant director of medical services, was named head physical therapist. Brad Pearson, the club's former minor league athletic training coordinator, was promoted to assistant trainer, and Pat Sandora joins the staff as strength and conditioning coach.

Other appointments include Dan Dyrek as a clinical consultant and Mike Boyle as the new strength and conditioning consultant. Medical operations coordinator Jim Rowe, assistant athletic trainer Masai Takahashi, and massage therapists Russell Nua and Mitsugi Funatsu will all return in the positions they held in 2011.

There was no one reason for all the changes to the team's medical staff; rather, it was an effort to provide the best possible care for the players moving forward, explained general manager Ben Cherington. The GM said there were areas of players' maintenance and care that the organization felt could improve from 2011.

"First of all, Tom Gill, our prior medical director, provided a lot of leadership over the last seven years," Cherington said. "The department has come a long way and we got to a point where we felt like we needed to make some changes to bring it to the next level."

Cherington said he wanted to improve the clinical care within the clubhouse and also provide the players with the "traditional" day-to-day needs.

"We think this staff combines the best of both the traditional baseball world and the next wave, the next generation of methodology and clinical care," Cherington said. "We're excited with this staff."

Even though the official announcement was made Thursday afternoon, the Red Sox's medical staff has been working together for the last few weeks.

"We just hope this staff gives the players everything they need and does it in a way where the players see that they're out for them and only for them," Cherington said. "Ultimately, we hope that means our guys being on the field more and able to perform."

When the season ended, there were numerous players who were out of shape or injured for various reasons.

"Ultimately, it falls back on the players to take care of themselves," Cherington said. "It's our job to give them resources that they need and the best possible care that we can. That's the intent as we put this new staff together. We want to improve on 2011, so that's one reason of many."

Joe McDonald covers the Red Sox for ESPNBoston.com.