Curt Schilling had 2011 heart attack

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling told the Boston Globe he had a heart attack two years ago and had surgery to place a stent in one of his arteries.

The 46-year-old Schilling, an ESPN baseball analyst, said he was having chest pains while he was watching his wife run the New York Marathon in November 2011. Schilling told the Globe he "didn't think it was anything serious," but he immediately went to the hospital upon returning to Boston.

The surgery to place a stent in an artery took place the next day.

"I was walking to the finish line to meet her and I'm the one who had a heart attack," Schilling joked Monday in an interview with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio.

The heart attack occurred just more than a year after Schilling moved his 38 Studio video game company to Rhode Island upon receiving a $75 million government-backed loan from the state. The startup eventually declared bankruptcy in April 2012 in a very public failure.

"I started a company and I failed to raise outside capital," Schilling said on ESPN Radio. "It was stressful. I had 300 families that were depending on me for their health and well-being and future. It was an incredibly stressful time. I wasn't taking care of myself."

Schilling wouldn't blame the heart attack on stress related to his company but acknowledged it played a part.

"I got lucky," Schilling said. "God has a plan for me. I'm not sure what it is, but it didn't involve dying in New York City, which would have been the irony of ironies. I've been blessed with a second shot.

"The whole 38 Studios thing is still an incredibly raw and painful thing to think about and talk about and all the things that are happening to it, but everything happens for a reason."

Schilling said the health scare has changed his lifestyle.