KG: 'It's good to be back'

After engaging in back-to-back practice sessions this weekend, Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett deemed himself in good health Sunday and expressed excitement in just being able to help his team out again after missing 10 games with a hyperextended right knee.

"It's good to be back," Garnett said. "I'm trying to help. When you're out, you see the game from a whole new perspective. You try to convey that to the guys that are playing, but it's not the same thing as doing it yourself. It's good be back helping my teammates and trying to get something going here."

Garnett, who compared himself to a 1976 Ford Pinto after Friday's overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers, engaged in more car talk Sunday, including a query about when the Pinto will be running at full steam again.

"The Pinto had some minor adjustments and it's ready to roll," said Garnett. "Tire change, transmission check -- everything is where it needs to be. At the same time, it's still a '76, and its first oil change, that's what it is.

"I'm not a fortune teller, nor am I a doctor, but I am a person who works really hard at what I do. I'm a hard worker and I come in here every day with the same intensity, the same mindset to get better. That's what it is. I have no timetable. You can go through each team [in the NBA], every team has a guy beat up on the roster. I'm not different."

Garnett and the team say the injury was not related to the forward's offseason surgery on the same knee. The Celtics were 4-6 in Garnett's absence.