Marc Savard back at practice

After undergoing a day of physical and neurological tests Tuesday and then being cleared for full contact, Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard didn't waste any time rejoing team practice. On Wednesday, he was on the ice with his teammates for the Bruins' game-day skate in Sunrise, Fla., and then participated in a session of difficult battle drills.

According to The Boston Globe, there were smiles all around after practice.

"He's thinking two or three more days of this and he'd want to play instead," joked general manager Peter Chiarelli, noting the intensity of the battle drills. "I know what he's thinking."

After he caught his breath, Savard talked about his experience with Tuesday's testing.

"It was really a great day," Savard told the Globe. "I got my confidence that much more better. What a facility they have there in Pittsburgh for that stuff. Dr. Micky Collins is incredible. I got quite the workout in. I didn't expect the workout that I was going to get. I did a couple of basically [John Whitesides's] sprint tests. That got me tired first thing in the morning. That's when your brain is most mentally weak -- when you're tired. Then I went through testing all day. He said I passed with flying colors. So that made me feel really good."

Savard sustained a concussion on March 7 when he was hit from behind by the Penguins' Matt Cooke, and was sidelined until a second-round playoff series against Philadelphia. He missed all of training camp before this season because of post-concussion symptoms.