Boston Celtics: Take 'Em or Trash 'Em?

Updated: November 27, 2011, 10:02 AM ET
By Chris Forsberg |

With the lockout over, the work begins for the Celtics. And it begins in a hurry.

Free agency begins on Dec. 9, at which time Danny Ainge will have to make a mad dash at shaping his roster. The good news is most of the key players are in place (we're talking the Big Four), but there are still plenty of holes to fill.

Here's where you come in. Step in Ainge's shoes and tell us which Celtics from last season's roster you'd take and which ones you'd trash. Then tell us why in the comments section.


Kevin Garnett

Position: PF
Forsberg: His defense is still Boston's backbone. Take.

Paul Pierce

Forsberg: Captain had healthy, productive season. Take.

Ray Allen

Forsberg: Could shoot 3-pointers until he's 50. Take.

Rajon Rondo

Position: PG
Forsberg: Season still going if he was healthy. Take.

J. O'Neal

Position: C
Forsberg: When healthy, a defensive force. Take.

Glen Davis

Position: PF/C
Forsberg: Time for Baby to leave the crib. Trash.

Jeff Green

Position: SF
Forsberg: Still young and plenty of potential. Take.

Delonte West

Position: PG
Forsberg: Spectacular backup when healthy. Take.

Carlos Arroyo

Position: PG
Forsberg: Only worth the minimum for depth. Trash.

Von Wafer

Position: SG
Forsberg: Shooter ready for next stop. Trash.

Sasha Pavlovic

Forsberg: Krstic's buddy offered little on court. Trash.

Troy Murphy

Position: PF
Forsberg: Some team will overpay for '08 Murphy. Trash.

Avery Bradley

Position: SG
Forsberg: Rookie's role increases in Year 2. Take.


Danny Ainge

Position: GM
Forsberg: Never afraid to make a bold move. Take.

Doc Rivers

Position: Coach
Forsberg: The linchpin of Big Three era. Take.

Chris Forsberg

Celtics reporter,



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