Sept. 15, 2012 // 9 p.m. ET; 6 p.m. PT (HBO PPV)
Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas
AP Photo/Tim Larsen

Wild Card

As much as Sarmiento will bring to the table, the absence of Pablo's brother Gabriel (Martinez's mentor for the past 10 years and a great source of inspiration) will definitely be felt in Martinez's corner. But he will be capably replaced by Pablo, and Martinez will have enough motivation of his own to render that absence moot. Chavez has been rumored to be deailing with weight problems lately, and the pressure to put up or shut up in a career-defining fight may get to him at one point or another. And even if Junior steers clear of that pressure, Martinez's craftiness, wit and desire to win stack up as a barrier too high for Chavez to overcome.

Advantage: Martinez

Written by Diego Morilla