Vyacheslav Glazkov's right knee injury more severe than torn ACL

Heavyweight contender Vyacheslav "Czar" Glazkov's right knee injury was more severe than originally thought, and he will be out of action for about a year.

Glazkov challenged Charles Martin for a vacant world title on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and suffered a third-round knockout loss, but not because he got nailed by a big punch.

Rather, Glazkov severely injured his knee while throwing a punch and was unable to continue. He first hurt the knee when he slipped to the canvas earlier in the third round. He got up and continued to fight until he went down again a few moments later while throwing a punch.

He got up again but limped to a corner and could not continue. Television replays showed Glazkov's knee buckling badly and giving out when he went down for the second time.

Ringside doctor Gerard Verlotta diagnosed Glazkov (21-1-1, 13 KOs) with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, but it turned out the injury was more severe.

Glazkov, 31, a 2008 Ukrainian Olympic bronze medalist who now fights out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, visited Dr. Benjamin Yukhanan in Florida on Wednesday and got the bad news.

"The doctor says my knee is much worse than we thought," Glazkov said. "It's not just the ACL. It's also the meniscus [which is torn], and my whole knee was dislocated."

Glazkov's knee is still swollen, and he won't be able to have surgery until the inflammation subsides.

"They can't do surgery right away," he said. "I'm in a cast from the bottom to the top of my leg, and I'll be in the cast for a month. After they remove the cast, I will do physical therapy for around another month. After that, they can do the surgery.

"Basically, we are talking 10 months in a best-case scenario but could be a year to recover. This injury was very unfortunate. I will take time to heal, but then I will be back better than ever."

Not much had happened in the fight before the injury. One judge had Martin winning the first two rounds, one had Glazkov winning both rounds and the third had each winning one round.

Egis Klimas, Glazkov's manager, was also disappointed by what happened.

"[Glazkov] lost a fight without being hit," Klimas said. "I do not think we will ask for rematch [because] when the time comes for [Glazkov] to step back into ring, I do not believe Martin will still be a champion."

Said Main Events CEO Kathy Duva, Glazkov's promoter: "We will never know what would have happened had Czar not suffered this unfortunate accident during the fight. The score was even on the judges' cards when the fight was stopped due to Czar's injury.

"The fact that he got up and continued fighting in such a debilitated state is a testament to his courage and his desire. His knee will be repaired by one of the very best surgeons in the country, and we expect that, God willing, Glazkov will return to the ring even stronger than before when he is ready."