Amir Khan hits out at Kell Brook and Manny Pacquiao in Twitter rant

Kell Brook has challenged Amir Khan to face him at Wembley Stadium on June 4. Getty Images

Amir Khan has hit out at Kell Brook and Manny Pacquiao's camps in a rant on Twitter as he bids to "let the truth out".

Pacquiao will retire from boxing after a third fight against Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas on April 9. Before agreeing to end his career against the American, Pacquiao, his promoter Bob Arum and adviser Michael Koncz held discussions with Khan but nothing came to fruition.

In a series of tweets, Khan initially responded to Pacquiao's claim that the Briton's camp were to blame for negotiations breaking down.

Khan later issued a statement following up from his tweets, claiming the only people negotiating on his behalf were his father, uncle and lawyer.

"Since September of last year my team had been in direct contact with Pacquiao's team, spoke with them and met them face-to-face, so to state that middle men prevented the fight from happening is not true at all," the statement read.

"Rather, having seen comments from Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach saying that HBO were not interested in the fight -- yet are seemingly happy to broadcast a third fight between Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley -- makes clear the contradictions and the fact his team knew a fight between us would be a very dangerous one for him and best avoided.

"Freddie, who has trained us both, knows how our sparring sessions used to go and with me having filled out more now as a welterweight, getting bigger and stronger, makes a fight with Bradley -- who Pacquiao in most opinions has beaten twice -- a much easier option.

"I want to make the best fights for the fans and it was neither my team nor a lack of desire from my end which prevented a fight with Pacquiao from happening -- that rests squarely on Team Pacquiao."

Following his tweets about Pacquiao, Khan then turned his attentions to his fellow Briton Brook, as well as the IBF welterweight champion's promoter Eddie Hearn, blaming them for negotiations over a potential British superfight also falling through.

Brook will make his third title defence against Canadian Kevin Bizier in his home city of Sheffield on March 26.

Hearn was quick to hit back at Khan's claim on his own Twitter account.

Brook also waded into the debate, challenging Khan to face him this summer.

Hearn had previously accused Khan of running scared over a potential fight against Brook, saying he was denying British boxing fans the fight they want to see most this year.

"Amir doesn't want to fight Kell Brook because he knows he will get beaten," Hearn told ESPN on Wednesday.