Kell Brook hoping pedal power can help him past Kevin Bizier

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kell Brook has got on his bike to get himself fighting fit for Saturday's IBF world welterweight title defence against Kevin Bizier.

Brook (35-0, 24 KOs) defends his IBF belt for the third time in his home city at the Sheffield Arena after a training camp at the Ingle Gym in Fuertaventura, one of the Canary Islands.

The 29-year-old has introduced cycling into his training regime for the first time ahead of facing Canadian Bizier (25-2, 17 KOs), his mandatory challenger, after pulling out of fighting Diego Chaves (23-2-1, 19 KOs) with a rib injury in October.

"We've done quite a bit of cycling and got the miles under our belt which has been new to this training camp and the one I had before I was supposed to fight Chaves," Brook told ESPN.

"We went on road bikes with a professional on a 50-mile bike ride and he said the hill climbs were some of the worst you could do.

"Some of the fighters in our camp who did it said they didn't want to get on a bike again in their lives!

"I went back out to Fuerteventura over Christmas and New Year and did a lot of cycling there. One of the kids from our gym wrecked his arm so you have to be careful with it but it's great exercise.

"I've done a few rides back home in Yorkshire but I take it easy because I don't want a crash and then have to postpone a fight again.

"With the cold air and rain, it doesn't excite you as much as doing it out in Fuerteventura. As soon as we got back to England, when you're pedalling and that cross wind is hitting you, you're not as eager to get back out on the bike.

"But I've got myself two bikes and when it brightens up I will be back on the bike and I'd like to make it a hobby."

On his Spanish training camp, Brook added: "We go out to Fuertaventura because the weather is nice and when I go out in Sheffield I can't breath with the media and public appearances where as out there I can focus, get tunnel vision.

"No one is hassling me. We all live together, the coaches and boxers, eat together, and we're always talking about boxing. I can get my head on the job."

Brook is craving fights against the big names of his division after seeing a summer fight against British rival Amir Khan fall through and admits he initially struggled for motivation in his training camp for Bizier.

"Not getting the fight with Khan did leave me deflated," Brook said.

"I looked at Twitter and social media and the fans were crying about it, but I'm not going to give up the title and have to fight my mandatory challenger and I'm looking to impress on Mar. 26.

"It's hard when you haven't got that killer opposite you training like a beast to beat you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from Kevin Bizier but he is not an 'A class' fighter in my eyes. So that fear factor is not there for me. I obviously have to be on point on the night but that's something I will be."