Prenup left Arturo Gatti's wife nothing

MONTREAL -- A prenuptial agreement would have left boxer Arturo Gatti's wife nothing -- not even alimony -- in the case of divorce.

A court heard Thursday that Gatti had insisted on the prenuptial agreement. He later tore up a copy of the agreement in a demonstration of love for his wife, but the original document was still valid.

Gatti's widow, Amanda Rodrigues, is in a court battle with the late boxer's family over his estate. Gatti's family doesn't believe Brazilian authorities' conclusion that he committed suicide.

The court heard that one week after Gatti tore up a copy of the prenuptial agreement, he contacted his law firm to ensure the original copy was still intact.

A secretary at lawyer John Lynch's firm testified that Gatti called and asked that a copy of the contract be sent to a Montreal lawyer he'd consulted for a divorce from Rodrigues in May 2009.

The couple took a vacation together, and the 37-year-old Gatti was found dead at a Brazilian seaside resort in July 2009.