Jocks to GIs: Kevin Jones

From: Kevin Jones

Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 1:30 AM
To: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF
Subject: RE: Kevin


I broke my elecronon process (elbow explosion basically) and had surgury last July and now all the metal in my arm needs to come out but it's 2 months recovery and I don't know when I can spend that time recovering. I think I'm gonna try to salvage the rest of the winter and just deal with the pain and get the surgery in July or August. It's been pretty horrible in Oregon lately, really crappy weather.

I grew up near Tahoe. The weather is definitely more consistent down there but whatever. Been skatin' a little bit. There's so many good skateparks around here. They just built a huge one in Klammath Falls (2 hours south of here) and we've been goin' there. The Lakers lost last night yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw I hate the Lakers, go Kings! Go Sixers!

Take care,


From: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF

Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 1:58 AM
To: Kevin Jones
Subject: RE: Kevin


That's funny you mentioned sandboarding man. I hadn't really thought of that here. I did see a couple of cool hills that might be good for that though. But, I don't think the snipers on them would like our presence out there. Besides, there are quite a few nasty vipers around out there anyway. Can't win for losin', man! hehe

Hey man, how the hell did you do that spinnin' nose press onto the table in TB9? My wife sent it to me a while back. I was watchin' it the other night with some of my boys, and I was all what the hell? That was unreal! Funny and cool too. As for the slush, I don't know, it's warmin' up real fast back home. It would be nice, though. I'm not big on hiking. But, I've been running quite a bit here when I get off work and have the energy. So, I guess it'd be worth it to get some runs. I'm kinda old for the building a kicker and huckin' all day ya know? It's fun, but after my knee reconstruction last year, they don't deal with the jolt too well.

Speaking of surgery, what did you do to your arm? It's gotta suck. Sorry to hear that man. I kinda jacked my right elbow here right after we first got here. Hasn't been right since. I pretty much sacrificed the elbow to save the rest of me. I was working on some pylons that hold external fuel tanks on the wing of F-15's and one almost dropped of the table as we were stting it down. I held on to it with my arm in a messed up angle and it just twisted the hell out of my elbow. They weigh about 200 pounds! If I hadn't hung on, it would have probably broken my leg or crushed my foot.

I'm looking forward to getting home just like everyone else over here. Yeah, I fish, but I don't fly fish much. I'm kinda dangerous with the casting. Plus, I never caught a fish on a fly the four or five times I tried. I ususally troll for trout, muskie and wipers at lakes close to the casa. Plus, I fish a lot in Panama when we go to visit the wife's family down there. I'm usually fishing or surfing most of the time I'm down there. I tell you, once you fish somewhere like that, you pretty much ruin it for yourself to fish anywhere else. My big passions/hobbies in the summer are skating and mountain biking. I was racing amateur when I was stationed in New Mexico years ago. However, with a kid it's kinda hard to keep that up. I tend to do stuff that lets me spend more time with my son. I usually take him with me when I go skate and now that he snowboards, I bought him a deck and he's showing interest in that too. They just finished a metal ramp skatepark on base last year that opened up a couple of weeks ago. I'm looking forward to checkin' that out. Those ramps looked FUN!

You know, I was over here in Saudi for Desert Storm. You mentioned calling Bush for a ramp. Well, I hooked up with some dudes from McClellan AFB in Sacto that were skaters too. We got a posse of skaters in different jobs and pooled resources and some favors and built a sweet mini at Khobar Towers. It was the a sick hookup man ... we had lights, tunes and a little fridge out there to cool Gatorade and water.

I'll let you go. Keep in touch man. I'm just over here waiting on some orders and a plane ride home. It's getting pretty close. But not close enough ... Peace!


From: Kevin Jones

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 12:29 PM
To: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF
Subject: RE: Kevin


Maybe I should paint myself I'm so bright, I'm gettin kinda cocky over here I can email all they way to Saudi. Unbelievable.

Any good sandboard spots scoped out down there? Haha just kiddin, that's good you're not workin' much, it's overrated anyway. If you're comin' home in a month there still could be some good slush goin' on. Do you fish at all? I heard the green river is on fire now, I mean fishing really good.

My doctors visit sucked. I have to get another surgury on my arm.Yyeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. And I don't know what's wrong with my knee yet. Oh well, I'll just go fishin' till next winter. It could be worse.

I did a contest the other day and spent most of the day in the beer tent cause of my arm but it was sunny and they had classic rock on so it was alright. Do you guys fly home or do you float home in an aircraft carrier? They should have skateboard ramps for you guys. I'm callin' Bush. I'm sick of it.

Take care


From: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF

Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 1:36 PM
To: Kevin Jones
Subject: RE: Kevin


I forgot to answer this last time, so I thought I'd knock it out real quick. I'm at Prince Sultan Air Base. If you want to know where it is and what we do here, go to CNN's website and look for their links to deployed locations in the Gulf. It'll tell you pretty much anything you want to know and then some. Also, don't worry about asking for top secret stuff. If I can't tell you something, I'll let you know. Basically though, I can't talk about operations, planning and numbers type stuff. Most of which they don't clear with me anyway, 'cuz I'm too low on the totem pole ya know? haha Pretty much anything that is really specific is off limits.

So, ask away man ...



From: Kevin Jones

Sent: Wednesday, April 9, 2003 1:04 PM
To: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF
Subject: RE: Kevin

Hey Acosta,

I think I got this stupid machine to work. I'm about as smart as
the sheet metal you put on the side of those planes so it wouldn't
surprise me if you don't even get this.

Anyway, wow. You're in Saudi Arabia right now and I'm in Bend, Oregon (Mt. Bachlor) .. long ways away. What's
that like a million light years or somthin?

Are you on an aircraft carrier or on the ground? Do you like BAD COMPANY and if so did Ted
Nugent ever play for them? (me and my friends have a bet) I think he played for them briefly but I don't know.

Do you work on a lot of planes or do you kinda hang out until one needs the oil changed because I've
been watchin the news (lookin for ya) and not too many planes have been gettin hit. Is that just what they tell us or is it true? (can we even
talk about this or is it top secret stuff?)

Well I can't write all day cause I don't even know if you'll get this! Plus I have to go to the stupid doctor but I'm not going to
complain to you.

Talk to you soon.

p.s. Can you get mail? I want to send you a JEENYUS sticker for your
helmet (is that legal?)

Take care and give the guys a big thank you from me for keepin us safe ..

From: Acosta Esteban TSgt 649 CLSS/LGMF

Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 6:55 PM
To: Kevin Jones
Subject: Kevin


WOW! Where do I start man? I can't really believe I was selected to do this.
I kinda just signed up to see what was up. I really didn't think I'd get

Well, I really don't know what to say. I guess I'll just tell you a bit
about myself for starters. Any questions or whatever you wanna know, just ask

First off my name is Esteban Acosta. I'm a
technical sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. I've been in almost 18 years now.
I'm 38. I am stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. It's about 20 minutes
north of Salt Lake City. I've been there for almost 9 years (put in to go
there because it's so close to the mountains hehe).

I happen to be a snowboarder, so that was a big reason for wanting to go
there. I've been teaching at a local resort for 4 years now. I really like
it there.

My Air Force duties have taken me away from the mountains I love, for
another season. Last year, I was in South America, among other places, doing
different taskings that came my way. I'm currently in Saudi Arabia, deployed
in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I've been here since the end of
January, and have no idea when I'll be heading home. I guess it will be some
time after the war's over? Won't be soon enough I must say! I was here for
Desert Storm also. So, this is kind of a deja vu thing.

My job in the Air Force is aircraft structural repair (sheet metal). I am
assigned to a unit that does heavy maintenance on F-16's. We are also the
only unit that is qualified to do battle damage repair on them. Hence, I'm
over here now! Fortunately, our pilots are good enough we are kinda like
the Maytag repairman right now.... we'd kinda like to keep it that way too
if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let me let you go. I appreciate you giving up your free time to
write to some dude like me that you don't even know. I hope to hear from you
soon. See ya!

Tsgt Esteban Acosta