Jocks to GIs: Jennifer Capriati

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From: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Sent: Wed, May 14, 2003 12:40 PM
To: Jennifer Capriati
Subject: Going home!br>

Hi Jen,

Guess what? The they are finally letting us go home. It is now officially
releasable. It looks like we will departing this Sunday (the 18th) enroute to Spain.

We will arrive into Goldsboro on Tuesday sometime.... my guess is that it
will be sometime btw noon and 3pm... you'll have to contact the sq if you
need details.

One last HUGE THANK YOU for the love, support and prayers
while I have been here. I look forward too seeing you soon and catching up on stories, back in the
good old U.S.A.

Have a wonderful week!

God Bless America!

-Mary : )

From: Jennifer Capriati
Sent: Friday May 9, 2003 5:23 PM
To: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Subject: Europe

What's up Ginger?

U dont have to apologize for not getting back to me. Look how long its taken me! ive just been trying to get used to it here in berlin. finally on the right time zone. its not nearly as hard as the hours u have to go thru, although i wouldnt mind sleeping all day and staying up all night!

so its getting pretty hot huh?it must be especailly bad for the ground soldiers with all that gear they have to wear. it gets hot in florida but not THAT hot! so u are able to work out at least? thats great. im sure theres alot of tension and energy to work out. Hey, since u are a PT, maybe u can come be my therapist on the road? That would be kinda neat.

For sure u have to take me up in your jet. Although, for a normal person who isnt used to that speed, would i get sick from the g force?

So where are u now? i have lost track. I'm just getting ready to get to bed. i play the semis tomorrow against kim clijsters. should be a battle as usual.

hope all is well.take care and be safe


From: Melfi Mary L Capt 336 EFS
Sent: Sun, May 4, 2003 4:50 AM
To: Jennifer Capriati
Subject: Heating up in the Persian Gulf

Hi Jen,

Temperatures hit 115 degrees today! But on a positive note, the sand storms we have had over the past few days have finally ceased. I heard the wind speeds reached 50 mph. This doesn't surprise me, because when I was walking to the chow hall we had to lean forward into the wind to keep from getting blown backwards. The gusts shake the tent and sleeping is a bit difficult...even with ear plugs in. The worst part, though is that the sand gets everywhere ... my eyes are killing me.

I bet you are in Berlin now trying to re-adjust your circadium rhythm. That has been the trend around here. I feel like I try to switch mine every few days based on the needs of the flying schedule. One day I will be going into work at midnight to fly and getting "home" (tent-sweet- tent) at noon then trying to fall asleep. Another day 3 pm to 4 am. Switching schedules messes with the body ... I have done it so much here that when I get back to the USA my body clock may already be on eastern standard time ...weird.

Sorry it's taken me 4 days to reply... time here just seems so limited. I just got back from a 6.9 hr sortie, but a 13 hr work day. Now a quick check of the e-mails, then to sleep (it's noon). On the days I don't fly I try to go to the gym for 3 hours to make up for time missed -- nice, huh? Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be in the gym all day but it's frustrating trying to squeeze 3 days of workouts into one day. Then again I should be thankful there is a gym facility for me to use at all. It's the nicest one I have seen at a deployed location too.

When I get back to the "States" I am planning on taking the national exam to become a Personal Trainer. Did I tell you I got my undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology specializing in Physical Therapy? I miss it . As a trainer I will be able to continue to help people to reach their fitness/wellness goals while continuing to study the muscles, joints, etc. I love coaching; essentially that is what a PT does but on a one-on-one level. I coached the HS Varsity boys and girls Cross Country team while I was stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho. It was thoroughly rewarding to see the vast improvements of my young athletes. At the end of the season the boys team qualified for the state meet -- the first time in 17 yrs. I was so proud of them!! When I finally move back to Long Island I would love to coach again!

God Speed, "Ginger" : )