Jocks to GIs: Curt Schilling

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April 2-3, 2003 | April 4, 2003 | April 4-5, 2003

From: Curt Schilling

Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 2:33 AM
To: Taylor Aaron SSgt 405 ECS
Subject: RE: Greetings


Hey man! Great to hear from you again, sorry I haven't written in a few days. Well I lost again tonight, 3-2 to the Brewers. We're 2-9 now, don't think anyone could have imagined that one.

[From SSgt. Aaron Taylor]
:: I know you are busy today, with the start. I also understand
:: how frustrating this start of the season must be. I'm sure
:: it's as unexpected from you and the team as it is me, and us
:: as your fan base.

:: That's where I come in. I will not even begin to step back,
:: I know that not only will the team come out of this down stretch,
:: but will rise up to the top, and start taking care of business
:: the way the Diamondbacks do!

Much appreciated, and know we're all behind you here 10 times as much in something that's much more important. We talk about you guys daily and alot of people have asked me about you and this program. Again I'm proud as hell to have a chance to talk with someone that's actually out there making a difference in the world. You won't believe the amount of things going wrong with us. We're pitching, hitting, fielding and baserunning just bad enough to lose, and it's horribly frustrating. Amazing though, everyone thinks or looks to point fingers (non baseball people) and some people have such a hard time understanding that sometimes you just lose, and the only way to fix it is to win. We'll get through this, just need to do it sooner rather than later.

:: I may not be there to root you on in person, but you can rest
:: assured that I am cheering you guys on from across the world!
:: We will prevail! You got the start today, I know the guns are loaded,
:: the aim is tight, just open fire at will! I look forward to seeing
:: you get double digit strikeouts again! Send them home packing.

Got 10 tonight, but still took the L, not much consolation there.

:: I have to leave on sudden business tonight. I should be back
:: in a couple of days. At this time I can't say where I am headed,
:: but it is here in the area. Hopefully, I might be able to catch
:: the game somehow. I will send you another message when I get back,
:: again hopefully just a day or two. (The wife is really upset about
:: this, she doesn't like me traveling around in this part of the
:: world, but I got to do what I got to do, you know?)

I can understand her worry, is there anything I can do to get ahold of her or talk to her? Think she'd like to come up to a game with the family? If so don't hesitate to tell me.

:: Again, Knock 'em out, and just Take Care of Business.
:: God Bless, and Thank you all for just doing what you do.
:: It gives us troops over here something to look forward to
:: and means a lot to us!

Take Care God Bless and talk to ya soon!


From: Taylor Aaron SSgt 405 ECS

Sent: Monday, April 7, 2003 12:05 AM
To: Curt Schilling
Subject: RE: Getting old


I was able to catch the score, I couldn't get the stats though. Sorry about that one, I know that it's got to be frustrating. Just need to press on, and keep on trucking right? No matter what, you know I'm behind you all the way!

I guess Colorado is a hitters field isn't it? I was joking with the guys that they can bunt and it's going to go long......

Now, it's LA for some payback, right? I've only been able to catch a part of the schedule, so can you keep me updated?

That's got to be tough isn't it, all the traveling back and forth for the games? You ever get messed up in what city you're in??

That happened to me when I was coming back from Korea. I flew from Osan, to Tokyo, to San Francisco, to Phoenix. When I arrived in San Francisco, I called my wife, and didn't know what day it was, what city I was in......I was all messed up....ha-ha..

Well, now we are inside Baghdad, shouldn't be too long now.....I just saw on the news, some Iraqi civilians smiling, and going up to some troops, shaking hands, and very happy. I told my younger troops, see, that's part of the reason we are there. What a sight, you know this is something that will be in the history books some day. The liberation of Iraq, freeing the civilians, and giving the country back to the people. I am proud of that....

Well, I'm into the duty day, and I already know we have some COMSEC issues going on, so I need to take care of that stuff.

I hope you have a good night, get some rest!

Take care

Talk to you later

God Bless


From: Curt Schilling

Sent: Saturday, April 5, 2003 7:18 PM
To: Taylor Aaron SSgt 405 ECS
Subject: Getting old

We dropped another one today. 4-3 in 10 innings. RJ started and went the first 6, striking out 10 and giving up 3 runs on 2 hits! 2 Coors Field homers. They beat us on a double in the 10th. We're struggling, now it's my turn to try and end the skid. How about you guys toss us some luck from over there?

I'll be in touch, tell the crew in your tent I said hello. Hey, can I send you guys a care package? Is your tent all guys? If so can you gimme their names? Is there anything you need us to do or say as far as your wife and kids go or are you able to talk to them regularly?

Please don't hesitate to ask

Talk soon

God Bless