Jocks to GIs: Tiki Barber

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April 2-6, 2003 | April 6-8, 2003

From: Joe Campanelli TSgt 376 ECS/SCBS

Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 12:36 AM
To: Tiki Barber
Subject: Giants jersey

Hey Tiki,

Wow!! 2 emails in one day. You know how to make somebody feel important! Thanks! We have no restrictions on getting regular mail, it is just really slow in getting here -- so don't send me any Burger King or McDonalds! Haha! My family and friends have been sending stuff since November and we are in pretty good shape. I really feel bad for the guys and gals in Iraq. They have it rough and they don't get much mail..

As for the Giants' jersey I am going to be honest. I have two at home. I did not bring them cause stuff sometimes gets messed up on these little trips. One is a Sehorn and the other is a Strahan. Now before you go off, let me explain.

Giants stuff is hard to find in NM. Nancy was going to get me a "Barber" for Christmas, but I wanted the white home Jersey and they are even harder to find -- it was more money than I wanted her to spend on-line. I have been holding out knowing that I would get one before the season started. Then what do you know -- I got a new best friend!

If you did send me one though, I would only ask that you signed it and I would have it framed and not wear it. You don't know just how cool this is for me. Although, the way you talk about Tiger, Fred, and Joe, I think you still have a certain level of awe and respect for your heroes and maybe you do understand how I feel. And I think that is what keeps you real and down to earth...

I bet you and Ronde are very competitive. I grew up with 4 sisters and Nancy has 2 brothers so they are my brothers. I find myself competing sometimes and I could imagine how it would be to be a twin. Just tell Ronde that the Bengals could get to The Show if John Gruden was coaching them ... haha, nah, not really.

I am watching CNN right now and seeing that troops are starting to get home. That is a great feeling when it happens and I am very happy for them. It also means that we will be leaving soon, too. We got word yesterday from the General that June is looking good. Not bad for what started out as a 3 month trip... Have a safe trip and I will talk to you when you get back!


From: Tiki Barber

Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 11:41 PM
To: Joe Campanelli TSgt 376 ECS/SCBS
Subject: Re: What's up 2


That picture of tent city and the mountains was beautiful. It almost looks like some place you would vacation, not be deployed.

Hey, I appreciate the stuff you're sending over. Am I allowed to send anything over to you or do they frown on that? If I can, I'll send you a jersey so you guys can root in style at your draft party.

Yeah, Ronde and I are competitive, but, you know, he doesn't give me too much crap about the ring. It's actually good for me, we've always pushed each other that way, through our successes. When he would win something, I had to win something and vice versa, that's how we got where we are and why we are still so close. During the NFC Championship game last season when he intercepted that pass and returned it 92 yards to ice the game, I was right there on the sideline to give him a big hug. A lot of Giants fans thought I was fraternizing with the enemy, but honestly, if he couldn't be me I didn't want it to be anyone else but him. We play them this year on Monday Night Football, it's going to be tough, but fun.

So you said you daughter, Danni didn't make the basketball team this year. That's always hard, but be sure to let her know that it means she was destined to thrive and excel at something else. Neither my brother or I made the basketball team when we were in 8th grade, but we used that failure to push us forward in other sports.

We both wrestled and we both won district titles. I never saw the basketball court again, but I found a different passion that actually helped me become stronger and tougher for football. It's the same thing in life, you never know when a small setback is actually a blessing that catapults you into something better. It sounds to me though that all she needs for inspiration is to look at your wife. She's sounds like a strong willed lady. It has to be comforting to you have her holding down the fort at home while you're away.

Alright, it's late here and I have to get up early for my flight tomorrow. If I run into Tiger, I'll tell him hello for you (I'm very excited to meet Fred and Tiger!)

Take care and God Bless.


P.S. Tell your buddies that Warrick Dunn fumbled on the 1/2 inch line (check out the replay in slow motion).

From: Joe Campanelli TSgt 376 ECS/SCBS

Sent: Wed April 16, 2003 9:11 PM
To: Tiki Barber
Subject: What's up 2


That's great that you got to go to Augusta.. We watched most of it here and you're right those guys never seem to miss. Golfers really have thier stuff together when you think about it.

I play some, but I am very inconsistent. My wife really likes to play, so that makes it more fun 'cause it is something we can do together. It sounds so weird to hear that you get excited about meeting Fred Couples. You're Tiki Barber! People want to hang out with you!!

So, does Ronde give you hell about the ring? I could only imagine how it feels to get so close and not get it. Not to worry 'cause the fans think you are great!

I just sent a couple of things to you from over here. I hope you get it. Just want to extend my thanks and appreciation for all you have done. I have been getting so many e-mails and high-fives from people and it really makes me feel good ... I just wanted to give a little back.

I know what you mean about Ron. Once when in Arizona, I sat right behind the bench. You really seemed to take him under your wing, constantly talking and advising him on stuff. Funny, it's a lot like us here with the young troops. We have alot of them. There are kids here the same age as my son (19) and younger. I know they have to be scared. They want to know what they can expect and they really want to do good. I try to help them as much as I can. I'm sure Ron will be missed, but maybe in a different program he can really shine. He never did seem to fit into the offense. Dorsey however will I think. Lots of experience and a proven superstar. We are going to have a draft party over here ... can't wait for football season!

Yes that was snow!!! We got 3" yesterday and more to come this weekend. This place is crazy. We had snow on the ground all of December and most of January. You get used to it, but I definitely miss home. Nancy has been having a rough time with things breaking (heater) and yesterday they had some bad wind and some trees came down in the back yard. She was out there with the chainsaw and an axe, but she got thru. You think we do a lot, but it is nothing compared to what our families endure while were gone. They are the real heroes... Well it is great talking to you as usual.. Take care and have fun in Vegas. Tell Ronde and Tiger I said hi (hahaha).

God Bless


From: Tiki Barber

Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 10:08 AM
To: Joe Campanelli TSgt 376 ECS/SCBS
Subject: Re: What's up 2


You guys have some close quarters going on over there, it's just like you see in movies and tv, it's kind of cool to see an actual pic. Is that snow on the ground? I suppose you get used to it, especially if you put the little touches to make it your own, but you've got to miss your own house and bed after a while. From the sounds of things in the papers and on the news, the war seems to be in the final stages, just sporatic resistance here and there. How long after it's all over will you have to stay overseas?

So, I've been a little out of touch this week b/c I've been traveling a lot. My wife took me away to eastern L.I. for my birthday (by the way, thanks for the birthday wish), then this past weekend I got an opportunity to go to Augusta for the Masters with Golf Digest. It was pretty cool to see those guys up close, they make it look so easy and they never duff a shot, like the rest of us. My brother is really in to golf, and he went to the British Open two years ago. While he was over there he met Fred Couples and his caddy Joe, who turns out to be a big Giants fan. Anyway, Thursday's round was cancelled b/c of rain, but since I was only there for a couple of days we went over to the course anyway. Some of the players were there and we ran into Fred and Joe (at first he thought I was Ronde, but I don't have a Super Bowl ring so he knew), and had a little conversation with them. Fred ended up taking me to see the Champions' Locker Room! It was awesome, it was a lot smaller than I thought but filled with history. It made my trip.

This week I'm headed out to Las Vegas for some relaxation and golf with my brother and some friends. I don't get to see him that often, especially once the season starts, so this will be fun. Also Tiger Woods is having his big charity event out there with Bon Jovi and the Goo Goo Dolls in concert that I was able to get tickets to through Golf Digest again. They're taking care of me. It'll be a fun trip.

So we're in the midst of our offseason workouts now, getting back in shape is always fun. You know, I don't know what going to happen to Ron now. I hate to see him go b/c I think he has talent, plus he's a friend, but I don't see how we can't trade him since we signed Dorsey Levens last week. I think in the draft we're going to go after some depth in the defensive line, there are a couple of good prospects, but you can never tell what's going to be around so late in the draft (we don't pick until 25th). The great thing about us this year is that we have solid players at almost every postition and no super pressing need (as long as we stay healthy, which hurt us last year).

Alright dude, I'm going to run. I talk to you soon. Take care and God Speed.