Fans share Brett Favre stories

Dan and Timmy Karbler Courtesy of Dan KarblerDan Karbler's son Timmy, now 4 years old, knows how to count: "One, two, three, Favre, five."

Like those waiting for players to make the Lambeau Leap, Packers fans have their arms wide open waiting for Brett Favre's return.

In the weeks since the Packers season-ending win against the Bears and Favre's emotional postgame comments, we talked to Packers fans, who were overwhelmingly in favor of seeing No. 4 play another season.

Many who have seen Favre play before, want one last look.

"I personally would like to see Favre play one more year. Especially since I have plans to fly to Green Bay and go to a game next year, it would be nice to see Favre play one last time," said Brandon Sweany of Forest Grove, Ore. "It would be nice to see him beat Dan Marino's touchdown record."

Here are some of their stories.

Christmas gift
In 1992, my 9-year-old son Christopher was already a big Packer fan. I knew I had to buy something with a Packers logo to be his big Christmas gift. The sports store at the local mall had Packer jerseys on sale and offered to put any name requested on the back of the jersey.

Chris Pagenkopf Courtesy of Richard PagenkopfChris Pagenkopf could have been wearing No. 84 instead.

The two most popular were No. 84 Sharpe and the new kid, No. 4 Favre. The sales person tried to talk me into buying the Sharpe jersey because, in his words, Favre wouldn't be around that long.

I am glad I disagreed because my son, now going on 24, wore that jersey to school until it wouldn't fit anymore. He still has the jersey hanging up and Brett Favre has been the only quarterback to start for the Packers since.

This has to be true for many young Packer fans. When Brett retires, there will be more tears in Wisconsin than any other event this State had seen. Thanks for the memories Brett.
-- Richard Pagenkopf, Eau Claire, Wis.

I "caught" a Brett Favre TD pass
I was watching the April practices in Green Bay, and the quarterbacks were together near the fence. After calling out the play, Brett faded back to make-believe pass, looked one way, then the other, and "passed" the ball to an imaginary receiver -- looking straight at me as he did it.

I yelled "TD Packers" after catching the ball, and that produced a big grin from Brett."
-- Steve Bilitz, Maplewod, Minn.

Family memories

Dan and Timmy Karbler
Courtesy of Anita StraussDeb Lawrence, left, Austin Deden, Anita Strauss and Cody Peterson made it to training camp in August.

I have been a Packer Fan for many years. In August 2006 I had the chance to go to training camp for four days with a girlfriend and her grandson. I took my grandson Cody Peterson, who was 12 and looked up to Brett.

He said that some day he would be just like Brett playing for the Packers. We were able to get four tickets to the scrimmage at Lambeau. This was quite an experience for my grandson and I.

We were sitting in our great seats and he turned to me and said, "Grandma this is so cool! I am so glad that you invited me instead of grandpa."

We had an amazing time. So Brett, you need to come back for at least one more year. You have the guys right where you want them now. Next year could be the Super Bowl! If not, I just hope you enjoy the time with your beautiful wife and girls.

-- Anita Strauss, Balsam Lake, Wis.