FAQ: Photos and Avatars

How do I upload a photo or avatar?

PHOTOS: Sign in. Click on your username next to a post or click on Profile at the top of the page. Go to Edit My Profile. In the left column, click on Mugshot (See below for avatars).

We want you to successfully upload a photo, so take the time to READ THE RULES. Once you have, click on Browse and search for a photo on your desktop or photo server. Click UPLOAD PICTURE. It will take you to a page with a simple cropping tool. Crop the photo as you like and then hit COMPLETE UPLOAD.

AVATARS: You do not have to upload an avatar through the photo tool to get it to appear. Follow the steps above except click on Avatar instead of Mugshot. Select one of the options and click it. If you want to change our basic gray avatar and make it your own, please do and upload it. We particularly like the guy who added an eye patch, and one woman spiffily colorized hers.

Why was my photo rejected? I took it myself and it doesn't violate any of your rules.

Your photo may have contained subject matter that violates our Terms of Use policies. Please read through this FAQ, and if you still feel that your photo was rejected erroneously send a message to Community Eds, and we'll take a look. We'll send you a note when it's OK to upload it again.

How long before my photo shows up?

Your photo will appear on your profile page once it is approved, but it might take a few hours for it to appear next to your posts.

May I upload an animated gif?

Yes, as long as it follows the rules of copyright. It must be your original work or you need to have permission, in writing, to use it. The image you create can not include copyrighted material, such as team logos.

Why can't I have my team's logo?

Even if you obtain permission or otherwise feel that your use of a logo is permitted, we do not allow logos as a matter of policy. That said, logos may appear on apparel.

Why was the photo of my favorite athlete rejected? Do you hate the (insert team name)?

Images of athletes are not allowed because, except for rare cases, they are going to be copyrighted photos. You upload an athlete or celebrity at the risk of receiving a strike against your account. Exceptions should be made if you are posed next to the athlete. No Photoshop to put you next the athlete, please.

My photo was approved and was showing up in my profile, then it was removed and I got a note saying it was a violation? What gives?

If a photo is initially approved, this does not mean that it cannot be reported as a violation, removed and a strike given against your account.

Why can't I use this picture? It's all over the Web!

Just because an image has been widely distributed across the Web does not mean it's no longer copyrighted.

Why can't I use this avatar? I have permission from another site.

Our policy is different. We're not allowing them.

May we use comic book or cartoon characters?

Sorry. Those characters are copyrighted work that is owned by one or more companies.

May I use Simpsonized and South Park characters?

No. Although you've been given permission to create those, it's against our policy to display them on our site.

Why was my celebrity photo rejected?

Images of celebrities are not allowed on the site because, except for rare cases, they are copyrighted photos. You upload an athlete or celebrity at the risk of receiving a strike against your account.

Why was my photo of an award or team ring rejected?

Copyrighted or "stock" images of awards and team championship rings are not allowed. However, a picture of you posing next to the Stanley Cup would be allowed. In fact, we have some of us next to the Cup, too.

How long is my upload account going to be suspended?

If you've received one strike for a copyright violation, don't worry; you are not suspended. After your second strike, there is a 72-hour waiting period.

After that, there are no more second chances. If your 72-hour suspension is up but you cannot upload a photo, e-mail Community Eds. A photo upload suspension does not affect your fantasy games.

If you upload a photo twice before you see the first warning e-mail, do not panic. E-mail Community Eds, and we'll work it out for you.

I can't upload from my account and I can't post on my wall.

There's no penalty box for computer errors. If you receive a suspension notice about uploading photos, you will be reinstated if the suspension was caused by a technical glitch and not a policy violation.

If you can't post on your wall, then submit a comment on a conversation page or message board. Use the appeal box there to apply for re-instatement.