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AL Cy Young: Bedard (nice defense, pitcher's park, and a team playing for the playoffs).
-- Gamby52

This division is Anaheim's to lose. Adding Torii Hunter to an already sickening lineup just adds to a possible runaway here. Seattle will give them some competition, but the rest of this division is weak.
-- armstead98_1998

ALDS Mariners at Tigers. Prediction: Mariners 3-2. Yes there is an upset here with the Mariners beating the Tigers, but I can see this happening. The Mariners are just too good too let this one slide.


The Mariners and the Angels will be competing for the AL West title because the A's and the Rangers have not really done anything spectacular.
-- underdog_32

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL wild card: ESPNSC88

Win AL West: Gamby52 , chi_cubs07, BullpenAl, emakar13 , stlredbird420, drcrackaback, aaronspooky, jdeboever

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What else does Balentien have to do
Big Bad Wladdy has been an extra base/RBI MACHINE in spring. What else does this guy have to do to earn a job?
-- JablesBelles

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