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More than 9,200 people who have registered with ESPN.com indicate they are Cardinals fans (more than the Brewers and Astros, fewer than the Cubs). Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Tony La Russa has a knack for patching up his lineup. However, Tony will not be able to make that happen this year. The pitching staff has too many holes, and the batting lineup is questionable. I don't see much coming from this team this year.
-- wafflehousesteve

As a Cardinal fan to the bone, I'm saying this is our year. As a realist, I know there is a youth movement going on, serious pitching problems, Albert's elbow, no Jimmy Ballgame or Little Davey, and Rolen the cancer is gone.
-- santafecard

Nobody is giving the Cardinals a chance this year, but that's OK. Being the underdog can be a good thang (just ask the New York Giants). Everyone I've talked to is picking the Cubs to win the NL Central.
-- stlredbird420

Memories of oiling up my Red Schoendienst glove, putting a ball in it just below the webbing, wrapping it up tightly in rubber bands and checking it every 20 minutes keep bubbling up for me.
-- elzoid

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win NL wild card: aaronspooky

Win NL Central: Cardinals037

Win World Series: stlredbird420

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Cubs or Cardinals? -- started by coltsmaster18
To be honest, I think it's gonna be a three-team race again, same three (Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee). Anyone who thinks the Cards will be anywhere close to last is just scared, plain and simple.
-- HardNinesStl

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