Fans who saw highlights, gaffes, tell story of '08

While fans in Philly celebrated the end of a title drought in 2008, Seattle bid an unhappy farewell to the Sonics.

We take you back through these and other events of the year with the voices of fans who watched and reacted to sports stories big and small.

Commenting on 2008
"Congrats to Goose: A great pitcher who certainly deserved the attention." -- mongoosecc
Gossage voted into HOF; Rice just misses

"Wow! 7 in the first and 13 in the second. That is just unreal." -- MichiganMicros313
D-I low: GW tops Majerus, Saint Louis 49-20

"Ian: Less talkie, more birdies." -- hendrg
Poulter: I can challenge Tiger Woods' supremacy

"OSU lesson learned: playing a weak nonconference schedule will get you to the dance, but it does nothing for you when you get there. SEC: toughest conference, toughest schedules, PERIOD." -- jimmynva2021
BCS Championship: LSU at Ohio State

"This is a great day for the hitters of the American League, a sad day for the Minnesota Twins." -- dude220482
Mets, Johan Santana complete negotiations

"This certainly seems to change the landscape in the West a little bit." -- raistlinvii
Needing inside help, Lakers get Gasol from Grizz


"This game will easily go down as one of the Top 5 most memorable Super Bowls, as well as being the biggest upset in the Super Bowl since Namath's Jets took down the Colts."

New York Giants 17,New England Patriots 14

"18-Ouch." -- FFJMH
Giants leave Brady dazed and confused

"That was the greatest play in Super Bowl History. The catch was unreal, but the escape by Manning was equally unbelievable. That play, in fact, can be mentioned in the same breath as the 'Immaculate Reception" because of the circumstances surrounding it." -- Wildcatvxa
Tyree's catch a 'supernatural' performance

"902 wins is a great accomplishment for a coach who recruited to fit his style of play."
-- hoosier fan
Knight abruptly steps down as Texas Tech coach

"Being back in the West with a title contender will give Shaq the fountain of youth he needs." -- chargersstayinsocal
O'Neal wants to help Suns 'get over the hump'

"Small market. C-level free agents. Poor drafting. Wait for the talent in the minors."
Pirates' GM preaches patience

"It's their last chance to get a ring before the fourth Laker dynasty begins." -- potatoe99
Kidd trade is risky business for Mavs

"I am still curious why colleges aren't putting morality/ethics clauses in coaches' contracts." -- thunder_cloud32
IU, Sampson reach $750K termination settlement


"We always turned down the TV announcers and left [Myron] and Jack Fleming on."

Steelers broadcaster, Terrible Towel creator Cope dies

"I think Drayton will end up 'misremembering' this interview after the FBI investigation."
-- die_hard_stlfan
Astros owner says 'we will honor' Clemens deal

"I wish he would've made a run at one more year. He looked in great form last season, but when a legend is done, they're done. It was fun watching him. It will be weird seeing the Packers this year without Favre." -- I_LuV_NuMbA_85
Favre tells Packers he's retiring

"I heard Jordan is unretiring for the fifth time, this time to try the PBA." -- bigmaas
Favre's agent shoots down comeback report

DasTar HeelAgain

"Jayhawk fans, you can unbuckle your seat belts now. The flight has landed successfully. "

Kansas 75, Memphis 68

"Back-to-back national champs. It doesn't get better than this." -- puncho305

Tennessee Lady Vols 64, Stanford Cardinal 48

"He shouldn't have even been in college basketball ... He was on another level."
-- jabogyo54
Kansas State freshman Beasley decides to go pro

"McNair was a beast, one of the toughest QBs to play the game." -- the_93117
Ravens' McNair retires, citing physical toll

"She's proven that females can compete in the highest levels of racing." -- pittphan07
Danica takes Japan, is first female IndyCar winner

"It is always awesome to see kids stay in school. I want to watch them for four years."
-- Spike8323
Player of the Year Hansbrough staying at UNC

hindu hammer8

"I really like the way Tampa Bay has put together a blueprint for the future. It is nice seeing them contend in games these days. I seriously doubt that attendance will stay at current levels for Rays games if they keep this up. They kind of remind me of the Braves back in the early '90s before they put their string of postseason appearances together. "

Longoria's deal with Rays could be worth up to $44 million

"Noooooo. Not Matt Ryan. Man, the Falcons have messed this up big time." -- SHINE912

Falcons 2008 draft conversation

"Story of the Chicago Bulls' post-Jordan era: The one that got away." -- mendy1987
Reports: D'Antoni accepts offer to coach Knicks

"This minor-league system for the NBA called the college sport system breeds rule breaking." -- coolhippie51
Forde: USC should've known about Mayo

"Hats off to Lester! What a gem he pitched tonight. This will go down in the history books."
-- chris82_atl_ga
Lester throws majors' first no-hitter of season

Steelpen Pirates

"Two guys settling differences with their fists have no less value ... than two guys intellectualizing."

E-ticket: Men who love goons

"I take the bear. Plus, [Antwaan's] a Redskin. I would have no problem with a bear eating a Redskin." -- zackoburns
Could Randle El score a TD against a bear?

"As good as Osgood is, I never expected two shutouts." -- ehenry1387
Machinelike Wings taking life out of Pens, Cup finals

"Floyd beat a lot of good fighters and made a lot of very good fighters look bad."
-- ediddy777
Undefeated Mayweather Jr. announces retirement

"I'm starting to think that I will never witness a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime."

Da' Tara spoils Big Brown's bid for Triple Crown

"I think this is the year Rafa beats Federer at Wimbledon." -- ppuri322
Nadal tops Federer for fourth straight French title

"Coming off knee surgery he shoots a 30 on the front at the Open. Why am I still surprised?" -- marbleheadmaui
In blink of an eye, Woods changed everything

"This series was great for 2 reasons: 1) Pierce, KG and Ray-Ray got their rings (finally).
2) MJ > Kobe (w/o a doubt)." -- malip5
Pierce wins MVP, Celtics win 17th title

"This is a good start for Adam Jones but not the answer to fixing his problems." -- ctapia5

Cowboys' Jones drops nickname

"I just can't imagine Moreno would let a long-storied Angel so young and talented go."
-- deejqu1k
K-Rod could take aim at single-season saves record

"My new Oklahoma team deserves no part of Seattle's achievements." -- u2dy
Careful, sports fans, you could be the next Seattle

"OT after 59 hot dogs, bringing new meaning to the term 'sudden death!" -- unoprivateer28
Chestnut beats Kobayashi, defends hot dog belt

"Forget Sabathia, he's good, but not great. Keep the talent we got in the minors."
-- kevin82485
Brewers manager Yost on Sabathia: 'A rumor's a rumor'

"Gordon has already been robbed of two championships. I hope Busch is robbed by Jeff this year." -- BrianC6234
Busch's dream season continues with Daytona win

Jillian MartinUF

"I bet this kid just started a trend."

Lawyer: Hoop prospect Jennings opting for Europe

"Hamilton chose to live in the moment and give the fans a show rather than save his energy." -- FroMunga
Hamilton's power display defies explanation

"I can see his next commercial ... Cut that knee! Cut that knee!" -- ArtimusG
Manning has infected bursa sac removed from left knee

"Joe Torre is laid back. Manny is laid back, and L.A. is super laid back. Perfect fit for Manny." -- nateuta06

Ramirez traded to Dodgers in three-way deal

"If it was third and 8, Artie ran a 9-yard route, caught the ball and always got both feet inbounds." -- nygkry

Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk


"This scandal proves that we, as a nation, need to learn to cheat better."

IOC strips gold from 2000 U.S. relay team

"I wonder if A-Rog is calling up Kellen Clemens to give him some clipboard holding tips?"
-- tommygun51
This deal is a downer for Favre

"I don't recall ever seeing a man get hit with such force that it caused him to backflip before." -- dallas112260
Lesnar proves he belongs in the Octagon

"[Bolt] could have got under 9.6 and ... put up a record that wouldn't be beaten for a long time." -- dockattar
Jamaica's Bolt wins 100 meters, sets world record

thebrain 686868

"Should Michael Phelps officially change his name to 'The 8th Wonder of the World'?"

Great eighth: Phelps completes gold-medal quest

"The spread has been proven to work effectively in cold weather, and the rush attack from the spread can hold up to the winds that blow off the lakes. Michigan showed in their bowl game that there is speed in the program and in the spread that speed will be amplified. Rich is a great coach, not a coach with a great system." -- wcherrsr81774
Rodriguez's offense is innovative but not completely foreign to Big Ten

"They should change this article to read: 'Griffey hits home run No. 609, remains fourth all-time.' " -- hawkfan4life1976
Griffey hits home run No. 609, ties Sosa for fifth all-time

PHILLY 123123

"The Redeem Team is right up there with the original Dream Team, especially when you look at the competition the Redeem Team faced vs. the competition that the Dream Team had ... Back in '92 everyone was just happy to be on the same court as MJ and Magic and Barkely."

Redeem Team proves worthy of Dream Team comparison

"Matt Cassel is a very capable QB, and the Pats have more football players than just Brady." -- RI Sox Fan
Pats' Brady leaves game vs. Chiefs after hit to leg

"The man didn't look at the race, only skill and ability." -- Aytrain25
Thousands attend memorial for UTEP coach Haskins

"Rules are imperfect. This one is particularly tough. But a knee-jerk fix isn't the answer."
-- rpeyster
Ref Hochuli to be graded down after Broncos call

"I spent the summer of '99 in the right field bleachers. It was still GA and the beer flowed like wine." -- leemazzola
Yankee Stadium memories

"Made it through the Matt Millen era ... Though we are 0-3, I have a newfound excitement." -- ianreeves20
Report: Millen out as Lions team president, GM

Fundamen- tal2008

"I would consider selling one of my less-crucial organs for seats in Wrigley tonight."

Why the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series

"This, in my mind, is the World Series. This series should go the full seven." -- skattrbrain
Rays bring more than fists to fight vs. Red Sox

"Now I can mark this championship off on my bucket list and die a happy man."
-- PhillyfanatPitt
Fans: Philly title delayed no more

"I'm so disappointed. ... The Big Ten has zero bright spots now." -- nunyabiz81
Iowa rallies, stuns No. 3 Penn State

"At least with a loss you can look at what you did and improve. A tie is the worst thing in sports." -- RevSader

Philadelphia Eagles 13, Cincinnati Bengals 13 (OT)


"I think we should have a vote on the playoff system by the players and the fans."

BCS responds to president-elect Obama's idea

"I'm surprised the Knicks didn't have a LeBron bobble-head night." -- Vskrzypek
Cleveland Cavaliers 119, New York Knicks 101

"It's obvious the Giants don't need Burress to repeat." -- RKMoorman
New York Giants 23, Washington Redskins 7

"I'm sick of this 'what have you done for me lately' era. Tuberville was a good coach."
-- cheqsix
Tuberville out after 10 seasons as Auburn coach

"Enjoy the Heisman; you're going to lose the national championship." -- curtiscamper
Oklahoma quarterback Bradford wins Heisman

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