SportsNation Survey Archive 2005

When news breaks in sports, we want SportsNation to break down the news. So if there's a story out there generating buzz around the water cooler, we'll throw together some questions on all aspects of the topic and see what you think. You may be surprised to find yourself in the majority, or pleased to be in the minority, but it's always a chance to see where SportsNation stands.

Finishing off 2005
ALL: How well do you remember 1995?
ALL: How well do you know 2005?
ALL: Who makes your 2005 All-SportsNation Team?
ALL: Rank the personalities of 2005
ALL: Uni-Watch Year in Review
MLB: The year in baseball

Archived Baseball Polls
MLB: Will Roger Clemens return in 2006?
MLB: Are the Blue Jays a playoff contender?
MLB: Which team rules NYC?
MLB: Is Johnny Damon a deserter?
MLB: Does adding Glaus make the Jays contenders?
MLB: Are the Nationals real contenders with Soriano?
MLB: What do you think of the ChiSox-D'backs trade?
MLB: Who will be on the move at the winter meetings?
MLB: Should the Yankees move Jeter?
MLB: Does Konerko's return make Sox favorites?
MLB: How much does Wagner help the Mets?
MLB: Who would you elect into the Hall of Fame?
MLB: Did the Blue Jays overpay for B.J. Ryan?
MLB: What would you do as Padres GM?
MLB: How much will Beckett help the Red Sox?
MLB: Rank the top free agents
MLB: Is Bud Selig's new steroid policy acceptable?
MLB: What would you do as Rockies GM?
MLB: Red Sox offseason options
MLB: Astros offseason options
MLB: Postseason awards
MLB: Vote on Cy Young, MVP and more
MLB: Rank the Hot Stove teams
MLB: How would you run the Red Sox?
MLB: What's next for the White Sox?
MLB: Rank the best World Series teams
MLB: World Series difference-makers
MLB: Rank the best World Series'
MLB: World Series picks
MLB: World Series position-by-position
MLB: Houson vs. Chicago. Best city?
MLB: What now for White Sox?
MLB: Was A.J. Pierzynski out?
MLB: Who will win the ALCS?
MLB: Who will win the NLCS?
MLB: Divisional series update
MLB: Who will win major awards?
MLB: Red Sox vs. White Sox
MLB: Angels vs. Yankees
MLB: Cardinals vs. Padres
MLB: Astros vs. Braves
MLB: One week to go!
MLB: Did Palmeiro sell out a teammate?
MLB: Free agency review and preview
MLB: Contenders look to get healthy
NFL: Winless teams look to rebound
MLB: Pitching feats
MLB: AL vs. NL
ALL: Best Game 7's of all time
MLB: Barry Bonds returns
MLB: Debating the Cy Young awards
MLB: Debating the MVP awards
MLB: Is Ken Griffey all the way back?
MLB: Key players down the stretch
MLB: Managers on the hot seat
MLB: Curt Shilling's return to the rotation
MLB: American League playoff race
MLB: National League playoff race
MLB: Roger Clemens turns 43. Greatest ever?
MLB: Rafael Palmeiro returns
MLB: Impact of injury returns
MLB: Rafael Palmeiro tests positive
MLB: Future Hall of Famers, part 2
MLB: Future Hall of Famers
MLB: Rank the GMs
MLB: Rank 3,000-hit club
MLB: Trade deadline
MLB: Rank World Baseball Classic participants
MLB: Midseason awards
MLB: Midseason predictions
MLB: Can Curt Schilling save?
MLB: Rank HR Derby participants
MLB: Trade deadline buyers and sellers
MLB: Best and worst ex-Yankees
MLB: Pick NL All-Stars
MLB: Pick AL All-Stars
MLB: All-Star starters
MLB: Kenny Rogers rage
MLB: Rank all 30 MLB managers
MLB: Instant replay?
MLB: Who should be the face of the game?
MLB: Power Rankings
MLB: Orioles and AL East
MLB: Ballpark security
MLB: Are the Padres due?
MLB: Statistics vs. tools
MLB: Interleague play
MLB: Dontrelle Willis and Jon Garland
MLB: All-Star voting etiquette
MLB: Baseball World Cup? | U.S. | Dominican Republic
MLB: Is Jason Giambi done?
MLB: Most overrated and underrated players
MLB Power Rankings: Rank all 30 teams
MLB: Slow start for Yankees
MLB: Gary Sheffield vs. Fenway fans
MLB: Sick of the Red Sox?
MLB: Who wins each division?
MLB: Who are your preseason award picks?
MLB: 2005 season preview team-by-team
MLB: Baseball's new era?
MLB: Should MLB players shake hands?
MLB: Congressional Testimony of Sosa, McGwire, Schilling ...
MLB: Spring Training pitching quiz
MLB: Baseball and Congresss
Barry Bonds holds combative press conference
10 Big Questions on the eve of spring
Jason Giambi apologizes for something
Cubs trade Sammy Sosa to Orioles
Marlins sign Carlos Delgado

Archived Basketball Polls
NBA: Is Scottie Pippen a Hall of Famer?
NBA: How should Team USA be selected?
NBA: Which 12 players make up your Team USA?
NBA: Should Kobe Bryant have tried to score more than 62?
NBA: Phil Jackson or Pat Riley?
CollBB: Which teams are acing the early season?
NBA: Was Van Gundy to blame for the Heat's start?
CollBB: What's next for Bob Huggins?
CollBB: Who wins the battle for No. 1 between Duke and Texas?
CollBB: Who wins this year's Big Ten/ACC Challenge?
CollBB: Pick your all-time NCAA Tournament team
NBA: Flip Saunders vs. Larry Brown
NBA: The Brawl, one year later
NBA: Do you believe NBA myths?
WNCAA: Which team will win it all?
WNCAA: Preseason All-America Ballot
CollBB: Who are your preseason picks?
CollBB: Should the NCAA tournament evolve?
NBA: Miami Heat offseason moves
CollBB: Coaching questions
CollBB: Pick your All-American starting five
CollBB: Pick conference winners & national champ
CollBB: Mid-Major outlook
NBA: Does the NBA need a dress code?
NBA: Rank the NBA's best players
NBA: Preseason award/league leaders
NBA: Who win will the NBA title?
NBA: Rank the top 30 offseason stories
NBA: Preseason Rank 'Em
WNBA: Best of 2005
NBA: Is Pat Riley taking over?
NBA: Rank best free-agent signings
NBA: Rank worst free-agent signings
NBA: Larry Brown to the Knicks
NBA: Flip Saunders to Pistons
NBA: Which players would you cut?
NBA: What's next for Larry Brown?
NBA: Nate McMillan to Portland
NBA: Looking ahead to 2006
COLLEGE: NCAA Hoops after the draft
NBA: Do we need an age limit?
NBA: NBA Game 7
NBA: Who will win NBA Finals?
NBA: Larry Brown leaving?
NBA: Shaquille O'Neal = NBA success?
WNBA Preview | East Hot Topics | West Hot Topics
NBA: 76ers hire Maurice Cheeks
NBA: Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade
NBA Playoffs: Second round update
NBA: Vote on All-Defensive team
NBA: Vote on All-Rookie team
NBA Playoffs: Sonics vs. Spurs
NBA Playoffs: Wizards vs. Heat
NBA Playoffs: Pacers vs. Pistons
NBA Playoffs: Suns vs. Mavericks
NBA: Did Van Gundy deserve 100K fine?
NBA Playoffs: First-round update
NBA Playoffs: Rank all 16 teams
NBA Playoffs: Who will win it all?
NBA Playoffs: Memphis vs. Phoenix
NBA Playoffs: San Antonio vs. Denver
NBA Playoffs: Seattle vs. Sacramento
NBA Playoffs: Dallas vs. Houston
NBA Playoffs: Chicago vs. Washington
NBA Playoffs: Miami vs. New Jersey
NBA Playoffs: Detroit vs. Philadelphia
NBA Playoffs: Boston vs. Indiana
NBA: Vote on MVP, Coach, Rookie of Year
NBA: Does NBA need an age limit?
NBA: Best Potential Playoffs?
NBA: Time for an NBA Hall-of-Fame?
NCAA Men: What is next for UNC?
NCAA Women: Baylor vs. Michigan State
NCAA Men: Illinois vs. North Carolina
NBA: Weekly Power Rankings
NCAA Men: Breaking down the Final Four
NCAA Men: Who sould take final shot?
NCAA Men: Who wins Final Four?
NCAA Women: Who wins Final Four?
NCAA Women: From 64 to Sweet 16
NCAA Women: Vote on Pat Summitt's record
NCAA Men: From 65 to Sweet 16
NCAA Men: Rank the Sweet 16
NCAA Women: Who's Going to Indianapolis?
NBA: Is Allen Iverson a ballhog?
NBA: Cavs fire Paul Silas
NBA: Don Nelson Resigns
NBA: Portland Trail Blazers fire Maurice Cheeks
NCAA: John Chaney under storm at Temple
NBA: Best- and worst-run NBA franchises
NBA: Wrapping up the NBA's trade deadline
NBA: Kings trade Chris Webber to 76ers
NBA: Predictions for NBA's second half
NBA: Timerwolves fire Flip Saunders
NBA: Karl Malone retires without a championship
NBA: Reggie Miller announces impending retirement
NCAA: Do you recognize NCAA at-large contenders?
NCAA: Who is college basketball's most improved?
NBA: Lakers coach Rudy Tomjanovich steps down
ESPNU Greatest Polls: Game |
Player | Coach | Team | Rivalry | Venue | Newsmaker

Archived Football Polls
NFL: Who makes your AFC Pro Bowl roster?
NFL: Who makes your NFC Pro Bowl roster?
NFL: Which NFC teams make the playoffs?
NFL: McNabb vs. NAACP
NFL: Will the Colts go undefeated?
CollFB: Is Reggie Bush the most exciting player ever?
CollFB: Rank the Heisman hopefuls
CollFB: Who would put in an 8-team playoff?
CollFB: Rank the best rivalries
NFL: Should the Lions have fired Mariucci?
CollFB: Will USC and Texas collide in the Rose Bowl?
NFL: What's next for T.O. and the Eagles?
CollFB: Kansas State's Bill Snyder retires
CollFB: Rank the top Heisman candidates (Nov. 14)
CollFB: What's the latest BCS picture? (Nov. 14)
CollFB: Michigan vs. Ohio State, USC vs Fresno St.
CollFB: Breaking down Alabama-LSU
NFL: NFC contenders and pretenders
NFL: Midseason picks
NFL: Midseason MVPs
NFL: Midseason questions for all 32 teams
NFL: Were the Eagles right in suspending T.O.?
NFL: What's next for Brett Favre?
CollFB: USC vs. Texas
CollFB: USC vs. Notre Dame
NFL: Jerry Rice retires
CollFB: 5th annual Herbie Awards
NFL: Rank teams with best chemistry
NFL: Rank most stable teams
NFL: Rank most efficient teams
Coll. FB: Rank the Heisman Trophy candidates
Coll. FB: Your top five Heisman candidates
Coll. FB: SEC Preview
CollFB: Pac-10 Preview
CollBB: Bob Huggins out at Cincinnati
CollFB: Big 12 Preview
CollFB: Big Ten Preview
CollFB: Big East Preview
CollFB: ACC Preview
NCAA: 10 Burning football questions
CollFB: Rank best gamebreakers
CollFB: Rank the conferences
NFL: Terrell Owens returns to camp
NFL: New England Patriots preview
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles preview
NFL: Buffalo Bills preview
NFL: Seattle Seahawks preview
NFL: Dallas Cowboys preview
NFL: New York Jets preview
NFL: Houston Texans preview
NFL: Oakland Raiders preview
NFL: New Orleans Saints preview
NFL: Tennessee Titans preview
NFL: Washington Redskins
NFL: San Diego Chargers
NFL: Green Bay Packers preview
NFL: Minnesota Vikings preview
NFL: Cleveland Browns preview
NFL: Detroit Lions preview
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals preview
NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview
NFL: Chicago Bears preview
NFL: Indianapolis Colts preview
NFL: Miami Dolphins preview
NFL: Atlanta Falcons preview
NFL: Ricky Williams returns
NFL: Rank the best RBs
NFL: Key questions for NFC
NFL: Key questions for AFC
CollFB: Rank the ACC
CollFB: Rank the Big East
CollFB: Rank the Big 12
CollFB: Rank the Big 10
CollFB: Rank the Pac-10
CollFB: Rank the SEC
CollFB: Preseason predictions
NFL: Rank QBs on the Hot Seat
NFL: AFC East Preview
NFL: NFC East Preview
NFL: AFC South Preview
NFL: NFC South Preview
NFL: AFC North Preview
NFL: NFC North Preview
NFL: AFC West Preview
NFL: NFC West Preview
NFL: Which Jersey Will You Buy?
NFL draft: Assessing the first round
NFL: Predicting wins for all 32 teams
NFL: Vote on 2005 NFL schedule
NFL: Rank former No. 1 draft picks
Vikings trade Randy Moss to Raiders
Salary cap leads to big questions in NFL
Offseason questions for teams chasing Patriots
Emmitt Smith calls it a career
Super Bowl XXXIX: Are the Patriots a dynasty?
Super Bowl XXXIX Quarterbacks: Brady vs. McNabb

Archived Golf Polls
GOLF: British Open Rank 'Em
GOLF: What's Next For Annika Sorenstam?
GOLF: Rank US Open Hopefuls
GOLF: How many majors will Tiger win?
GOLF: The Masters Power Rankings

Archived Hockey Polls
NHL: How would you fill out your Team Canada hockey roster?
NHL: Who would you pick for Team USA hockey?
NHL: What's next for the Penguins?
NHL: What's your take on the Joe Thornton trade?
NHL: Atlanta Thrashers cheap shot
NHL: Which team will win Stanley Cup?
NHL: Wayne Gretzky coaching Coyotes
NHL: Has parity arrived in NHL?
NHL: Can Sidney Crosby save hockey?
NHL: Are you still a fan?
NHL: Where does NHL rank?
What would it take to make you a hockey fan?
NHL cancels remainder of regular season

Archived Miscellaneous Polls
ALL: When is it OK to wear a sports jersey?
SOCCER: Which teams have the best World Cup draws?
SOCCER: What is your World Cup IQ?
ALL: How do you spend Thanksgiving?
BOXING: Rank the top heavyweights of all-time
ALL: What is the future of sports in New Orleans?
ALL: Reaction to Sheryl Swoopes coming out
ALL: Sheryl Swoopes says she's a lesbian
ALL: Rank the top stories of the year
ALL: Best team to not win a championship?
BOXING: Who wins Corrales-Castillo II?
NASCAR: Rank the Chase
Tennis: Rank the best men's player of all time
TENNIS: U.S. Open preview
Page 2: Anger vs. Kindness
Page 2: Humility vs. Pride
Page 2: Love
Page 2: Envy
NASCAR: Allstate 400 winner?
Page 2: Dumbest sports rules
CYCLING: Lance Armstrong wins Tour
ALL: Rank greatest sports trios
ALL: Rank greatest athletes of all-time
ALL: Athletes You Love to Hate
OLYMPICS: Baseball and Softball Cut
COLLEGE: Who wins College World Series?
BOXING: Mike Tyson's Career
Rank the best pro coaches
IRL: Indy 500 preview
GOLF: Jack Nicklaus Retires
HORSE: Preakness Stakes
HORSE: Kentucky Derby
WNBA: Vote on 2005 Draft
Growing Up Next
Quiz: The Oscars and best sports movies
Quiz: Fun with President's Day
Quiz: Martin Luther King Day