Pulse: SportsNation Tired of T.O.

Terrell Owens had a hand in the Cowboys' victory in Tennessee, but didn't find the end zone.It's finally here: T.O. Week. It's safe to say that the city of Philadelphia is ready to rudely welcome him back.

While SportsNation's level of dislike for T.O. is nowhere near that of Philly's, there is definitely plenty of anti-Owens sentiment. Last November, after an arbitrator upheld the team-imposed suspension of Owens, 53 percent felt that he was not worth the risk for a contending team in need of more offense.

Here is how the 'Nation felt about Dallas signing Owens in March:

March '06
Is signing Terrell Owens a good move for the Cowboys?
50.5% Yes
49.4% No

Will Terrell Owens be able to coexist peacefully with Bill Parcells?
53% No
47% Yes

Despite the distractions that come with having T.O. on the roster, the Cowboys offense has certainly benefitted from his presence. Terry Glenn has enjoyed single coverage and scored three touchdowns in as many games. And while Parcells calls Owens "the player" when asked about him, there haven't been any definitive signs that the coach/player relationship has been a huge negative thus far.

Four months ago, we asked SportsNation how long they thought Owens would be a Cowboy. And, just out of curiosity, we asked again this week. The results are very similar, with slightly more of the 'Nation leaning toward a "one and done" for T.O. in Big D.

Owens' early season drama hasn't changed the Nation's opinion.
How many years of Terrell Owens' three-year contract will he play for Dallas?
June '06
38% All three
36% Two
17% One
9% He won't last through this season

October '06
35% All three
33% Two
23% One
9% He won't last through this season

Is everyone sick of hearing about Terrell Owens? The answer was a resounding "yes" last November, and when prodded about the topic of T.O. in Tuesday morning's Buzz chat, most of SportsNation feigned memory loss or was simply disinterested.

November '05
Are you tired of Terrell Owens?
82% Yes
18% No

Before anyone replies ... next topic ... no one cares ... move on ... spare us ... etc.
Ben (DC)

Who's T.O.?
Brian (Madison, WI)

What is this T.O. you speak of? I am unfamiliar.
Chris (Lexington, KY)

While 78 percent of SportsNation says that everything Owens does is overscrutinized by the media, it's very difficult to not address the many storylines leading into this Sunday's matchup between the Cowboys and Eagles. Contributions from the 'Nation in chat and polling note that anything goes at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday; and they think Owens will find the end zone at least once as well.

Just in from CNN, record sales for batteries and pill bottles expected in the Philadelphia area for the rest of the week.
Jeremy (Boston)

It may be the single craziest Sunday in regular-season history. The Linc is going to literally be moving during that game.
Keith (PA)

Jeremiah Trotter is gonna hit T.O. so hard he's not gonna get up for about a minute. Then T.O. is gonna break one for 80 yards the next play.
Gene (New Haven)

How will Terrell Owens fare in Sunday's game in Philadelphia?
68% He will score at least one touchdown
31% He will not score a touchdown

Is it a surprise that Pennsylvania - and a couple states bordering it - predict no end zone celebrations for Owens this Sunday? Click on the map to the right.