The Pulse: Final word on NFL hires

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Story of the Day: NFL Coaching Hires

The NFL coaching carousel has stopped spinning and SportsNation is critiquing the hires.

Kansas City, Houston and Minnesota all get high marks in the Nation's rankings of the 10 coaching hires made this season. The hirings of Herman Edwards, Gary Kubiak and Brad Childress rank 1-2-3 while New Orleans, Buffalo and Green Bay get little love for bringing in Sean Payton, Dick Jauron and Mike McCarthy, respectively.

Art Shell is back for his second tour of duty as head coach in Oakland and 66 percent of voters think he will do a good job with the Raiders, but the news it not so good for Jauron and the Bills. It seems 78 percent of SportsNation voters think Buffalo should have hired former Green Bay coach Mike Sherman instead.

But perhaps the biggest issue is the treatment of minority coaching candidates. Edwards and Shell are back for their second head-coaching gigs but not a single minority first-time candidate landed a head job, and the Nation doesn't like how things played out. Nearly 39 percent think this offseason represents a small step backward for minority coaches while 20 percent feel it is a big step backward.

Rank this season's NFL head coaching hires: (8,941 votes)
1. Herman Edwards, Kansas City Chiefs
2. Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans
3. Brad Childress, Minnesota Vikings
4. Art Shell, Oakland Raiders
5. Eric Mangini, New York Jets
6. Rod Marinelli, Detroit Lions
7. Scott Linehan, St. Louis Rams
8. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints
9. Dick Jauron, Buffalo Bills
10. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

How do YOU rank the 10 NFL head coaches hired this offseason? Are the Chiefs now Super Bowl contenders with Herm Edwards at the helm? Is Art Shell a sure bet to rejuvenate the Raiders? Does previous head coaching experience move someone to the top of the list? You tell us, SportsNation!

  • Rank the new coaches

    Do you think Art Shell will be a good choice to coach the Raiders? (5,466 votes)
    65.6% Yes
    34.3% No

    Who do you think would have been a better choice to coach the Bills? (6,487 votes)
    78.0% Mike Sherman
    21.9% Dick Jauron

    Will QB David Carr appear in a Pro Bowl during Gary Kubiak's tenure in Houston? (8,914 votes)
    61.2% Yes
    38.7% No

    What do you think this offseason's hirings represent for minority coaches in the NFL? (37,619 votes)
    38.4% A small step backward
    25.8% A small step forward
    19.9% A big step backward
    15.6% A big step forward

    Which do you think most explains the lack of minority first-time head coaches this offseason? (33,324 votes)
    54.2% Lack of good candidates
    27.7% Coincidence
    11.9% Overt prejudice
    6.0% Ineffective NFL policies

    Which minority coach are you most surprised has not landed a head-coaching job in the NFL? (30,651 votes)
    49.7% Ron Rivera (D. Coordinator, Bears)
    16.3% Tim Lewis (D. Coordinator, Giants>
    15.8% Ted Cottrell (D. Coordinator, Vikings)
    9.6% Donnie Henderson (D. Coordinator, Lions)
    8.4% Maurice Carthon (O. Coordinator, Browns)

    Voice of the Fan
    Two Pistons plus two more Pistons equals me not watching the game. If we wanted to see that many people from the same team, I'd watch a regular season game.
    Jon (Malvern)

    Kubiak gives the Texans instant cred in the running game. They have a solid RB, now trade the pick and get an O-line for him to coach.
    Jay (Pittsburgh)

    During Mangini's press conference he alluded to some Walsh quote about how you're never ready for your first head coaching job and then he says, "I agree with that." HAHAHA. Already admitting he has no chance?
    Biscuit (New York)

    Why don't people take risks on new coaches? All these old coaches coached somewhere else and failed!!! Try a fresh face, I'm sick of this carousel.
    Brendan (Boston)

    I can't believe the people in Buffalo aren't excited about the Jauron hiring. He is a perfect fit for that team and their losing ways.
    John (Malvern)

    Before the coaching hires started, I figured the Dan Rooney rule might be unnecessary. Damn, was I wrong.
    Christian (High Point, N.C.)

    Well, it's about time Payton got a head coaching gig after engineering those powerful Giants and Cowboys offenses of the past few years. Oh, wait...
    Tim (San Antonio, Texas)

    I'm still too dumbfounded by the Pack's hire (Mike McCarthy) to comment on any other coaching moves.
    Hende (Ohio)

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    SportsNation's Show: Expert Opinion
    BennyT (Washington, DC): Were you surprised that there were no minority coaches hired from the staffs of teams like the Bengals, Colts and Bears? Usually assistants from successful teams get looked at first for vacancies.

    Chris Mortensen: I'm surprised and I'm a disappointed. The processes is better but the results are very disappointing this year. But owners and GMs have the right and duty to hire they best fit for them. I also am disappointed by what I perceive to be some age discrimination.

    Rob (Buffalo): Mort, do you like the Bills hiring of Dick Jauron? I think he will need a real good offensive coordinator to succeed. Any names being mentioned?

    Chris Mortensen: He's a good man, solid, players will like and he will pick a good staff. But most league insiders (coaches, execs) believe the Bills have messed up running two outstanding football men out of town in Donohoe and Mularkey.

    Josh (CA): How do like Houston's choice of Kubiak as coach? Does his style of offense favor Vince Young or Reggie Bush? If he did choose VY, would he have to change his offensive playbook to take advantage of his athletic ability?

    Chris Mortensen: I don't think he'd have to change it much. Shanahan and Kubiak like athletic QBs. But David Carr is very athletic, too. The big thing for Vince would be to learn how to play under center. Bush would give them a great one-cut runner in that offense. That's the key to their scheme.

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    Jared (NJ): Len, I have to ask you this: Why do the Bills always hire the wrong coach? We hired Greg Williams instead of Marvin Lewis or John Fox. We hired Mike Mularkey - who did a decent job - over Charlie Weis or Romeo Crennel. And now Dick Jauron over Mike Sherman. Why?

    Len Pasquarelli: I'm inclined to give Jauron the chance to coach a game or two before i declare him the "wrong" guy. He's widely respected by the guys who have played for him, so let's withhold judgement for a while.

    Jonathan (NY,NY): Len, what are your thoughts on the hiring of Mangini?

    Len Pasquarelli: Other than speaking to Eric a couple times at Super Bowls, I concede I don't know him well. He's said to be a very able guy and, let's face it, the Jets seemed obsessed with getting a Belichick protege and trying to do things the Patriots' way. As with any hire, time well tell if it was a good one. But on the NFL circuit, Mangini is very respected.

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