The Pulse: The NFL Combine

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Story of the Day: NFL combine

Draft season is now in full swing as this week's NFL scouting combine puts prospects under the microscope and through the paces and spits out the results for the world to see. What does SportsNation think about the whole process? You might be surprised.

Only 17 percent of the 'Nation feels the combine is an important measuring stick for NFL hopefuls while 25 percent think it is an overblown spectacle. SportsNation likes the chance for unknown prospects to make a name for themselves but for the most part is unimpressed.

It should not be shocking, then, that 70 percent have no problem with top quarterback prospects Matt Leinart of USC and Vince Young of Texas skipping the on-field portions of the combine. Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler was impressive in workouts and continues to shoot up the draft board, but only 19 percent of SportsNation thinks he will have the best NFL career of this year's top QB prospects.

Young has received the most scrutiny, though, after a report surfaced that he scored a disastrous six points of a possible 50 on the infamous Wonderlic intelligence test administered at the combine. Truth or unfounded rumor floated by a team hoping he'll drop down the board? We may never know, but SN doesn't see a problem either way. A little better than 65 percent think Young would still be a top-five pick even if he bombed the test.

What is your overall impression of the NFL scouting combine? (20,142 votes)
39.2 Meaningful only for unknown prospects
25.0% Over-hyped, uninteresting tests
18.6% Interesting, but not as important as individual workouts
17.0% An important measuring stick for all players

Did Vince Matt Leinart and Vince Young make a mistake by not working out at the combine? (15,683 votes)
69.5% No, they have nothing to prove
30.4% Yes, they need to address small concerns

Which quarterback will have the best NFL career? (130,894 votes)
44.3% Matt Leinart
30.6% Vince Young
18.6% Jay Cutler
3.3% Reggie McNeal
2.9% Marcus Vick

Should Vince Young still be a top-5 pick if he bombed the Wonderlic test? (13,400 votes)
65.1% Yes
34.8% No

Which position has the most to lose or gain at the combine? (5,304)
37.8% Quarterback
25.0% Running back
21.6% Wide receiver
10.6% Defensive back
4.8% Defensive line

Which is your favorite test at the combine? (20,359 votes)
49.9% 40-yard dash
25.5% Wonderlic
4.8% Shuttle run
18.4% Bench press
1.2% Broad jump

Voice of the Fan: Should the Texans trade down?

The Texans need an all-around overhaul not just a guy who will be great for 15 touches a game. If Mike Ditka is around and wants to give up his entire draft for the No. 1 pick and a first rounder next year the Texans should jump at it.
Nick (St. Johns Campus, Jamaica, NY)

If they want Carr to QB then they need to trade that pick for an offensive lineman. No point in having Reggie Bush average 1.3 ypc with the line they have now.
Steve (Austin)

I think they should take a good look at trading it to the Jets for their No. 1 pick and a future first-round pick. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is the best OL in the draft and he'd be available at the No. 4 pick.
Todd (Boston)

Why would the Jets trade up? They want Cutler and he is easily obtainable in the No. 4 slot.
Jon (Malvern)

Ask the Dallas Cowboys if they'd trade Herschel Walker again for all those Vikings picks. Texans should absolutely trade the top pick provided they can get multiple first/second-round picks in return.
Reggie (Orlando)

MULTIPLE PICKS! You would rather have two first-rounders than one. A better chance at having a star
Dan (Milwaukee)

This isn't the NBA where you can draft a LeBron and your team is an instant contender. You have around 20 positions to fill if you're the Texans and you can't do it one player at a time.
Brian (Newburyport,MA)

Who doesn't see the Jets looking at Bush and seeing the dollar signs?
Phil (Cleveland)

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    SportsNation's Show

    Todd (Boston): So, Jeremy, what exactly is the deal with Vince Young and the Wonderlic test? Where did that rumor start?

    Jeremy Green: Not sure exactly where it started, but this happens all the time. Guys will put info out to get players to drop. Teams have put out false info in the past to get players to fall to them in the draft, so this is no surprise. I want to say this in Young's defense: He does not have a "big-time" agent. It is a well known fact that the majority of "big-time" agents have copies of the test. Had Young been prepped like a lot of other guys, his number would have been much higher.

    Collin (Windsor, VT): Do you think Marcus Vick will get drafted, and if so what round and to what team would you project him to go?

    Jeremy Green: If Marcus Vick gets drafted it will be in the 7th round. He has way too much baggage at this point and as teams found out last season with Clarett, it is too risky to pull the trigger on a guy with that many issues in the first five rounds.

    Mike (Paw Paw): Where do you see Reggie McNeal getting drafted and what position will he play?

    Jeremy Green: I think McNeal will go in the 3rd round. I think he will be a hybrid-type player early in his career, because he is not ready to see the field as a quarterback but you can't just let all that athletic talent sit on the bench every week as the No. 3 QB.

    Al (Bundyville,IL): Is it possible that after Reggie Bush goes we could see three straight QBs selected ? If so, would this be the greatest QB draft class ever (when you include Brodie Croyle) in NFL history, surpassing the the phenomenal 1983 QB draft class? Thanks.

    Jeremy Green: Yes, that is possible but only time will tell how great this class will be. I am not sold on Jay Cutler going that high, though I believe he will. Here is a guy that was on a terrible team and I didn't really see him make them better. No winning seasons at Vandy. And I know they are in the SEC but, hey, Tim Couch won 6+ with a terrible Kentucky program. Prior to Eli Manning, Ole Miss was always at the bottom of the SEC and with him they went to a few bowl games. Cutler has a lot of question marks and I think he has risen up the board entirely too fast with those question marks.

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