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Story of the Day: Duke vs. North Carolina

All you need to do to get the full experience of Saturday's ACC showdown between Duke and North Carolina is find a flight to North Carolina, rent a car to get to Durham and find somewhere to stay after the game (9 p.m. ET, Saturday on the ESPN networks). Oh, and did we mention students have been camping out for tickets since before Christmas? So you might want to bring some extra scratch to get in the building.

Or you could just settle back on your coach with the remote. You can even make your own ticket stub, if it makes you feel better. The rivalry rated by SportsNation voters as the best in college sports gets a new look for fans outside the stadium on Saturday, as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPU, ESPN360 and ESPN.com bring you coverage from every conceivable vantage point.

But enough with the promo; what does SportsNation think will happen as Duke looks to rebound from a shocking loss to Florida State and lock down a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament? For starters, voters aren't rooting for the Blue Devils. In fact, nearly half of SportsNation uses "hate" to describe their feelings for Duke. But that doesn't mean there isn't respect, as 70 percent of voters expect the Blue Devils to win at least one national title in the next five years and 60 percent think Coach K gets more out of his players than coach-of-the-year candidate Roy Williams.

What do you think of the Duke Blue Devils? (31,489 votes)
46.3% Hate 'em
31.0% No strong opinion
22.6% Love 'em

Corey (Oshkosh, Wisc.): Coach, what is your favorite moment from all of your games vs. UNC?

Mike Krzyzewski: There's not one. We've had so many great, great games (wins and losses). I'll say one would be the first time we won a huge game against them in the '84 ACC semis when they had Jordan and Perkins. We lost to them twice in regular season. It was a springboard for that team to become a force at the national level.

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    Which is currently the best rivalry in college sports? (69,769 votes)
    46.3% Duke-UNC (men's basketball)
    35.7% Michigan-Ohio St. (football)
    8.9% Oklahoma-Texas (football)
    5.2% Auburn-Alabama (football)
    3.6% Tennessee-Connecticut (women's basketball)

    Which team will win the game at Cameron Indoor Stadium? (109,727 votes)
    64.1% Duke
    35.9% North Carolina

    Which of these players will have the greatest impact on the game's outcome? (109,727 votes)
    38.8% J.J. Redick, Duke
    30.8% Tyler Hansbrough, UNC
    15.9% Shelden Williams, Duke
    5.3% Greg Paulus, Duke
    4.5% Josh McRoberts, Duke

    Which of the following scenarios do you expect to play out over the next five years? (109,727 votes)
    57.3% Duke wins at least one national championship
    28.2% North Carolina wins at least one national championship
    13.3% Both win at least one national championship
    1.2% Neither wins a national championship

    Which head coach gets more out of his players? (109,727 votes)
    59.6% Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)
    40.4% Roy Williams (UNC)

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    SportsNation's Show
    Nick (New York): Do you think Tyler Hansbrough will go pro after this year?

    Rece Davis: I don't think so. He's an outstanding freshman, but I'd be surprised if he bolted after one year. That's just my opinion, though.

    Matt (Council): What kind of seed do you think UNC will get if they beat Duke on Saturday?

    Rece Davis: I put them on the No. 3 line, without a win over Duke. I think they're playing their best basketball of the season and have earned that spot. I don't know that I see them going any higher, but a win at Cameron would certainly merit discussion of putting them higher.

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    Voice of the Fan: No. 1 Seed
    Following in the footsteps of Duke (Florida State) and Texas (Texas A&M), Memphis took a step in the wrong direction in its quest for a No. 1 seed. Will it matter?

    Which of these teams most deserves a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament? (27,100 votes)
    36.0% Gonzaga
    23.1% Memphis
    19.3% Ohio State
    12.2% Texas
    9.1% George Washington

    I don't like Memphis, but who are you replacing them with as No. 1 seed? Gonzaga?!? Memphis, by default, stays as a No. 1.
    J.R. (New York)

    It wouldn't be an NCAA Tournament without Duke, but Syraucse has been a March staple as well. Too bad 73% of voters think Syracuse is out after a 39-point loss against DePaul. Vote!

    "I was shocked -- SHOCKED -- at Syracuse's performance last night. Not so much that they lost, but the way they lost, by 39. A close loss would have hurt, but the blowout just might have blown them out of the Dance."
    Kieran Darcy in chat

    I had Memphis with a No. 3 seed at best, even if they won out. They're not that good and have gotten lucky.
    Hannah (New York)

    Conference USA is a weak conference and it's just the wrong time to lose. Unless other teams collapse, they might even struggle for a No. 2 seed now.
    Jon (Malvern)

    Texas whipped Memphis in Memphis, even missing a starter. The Tigers have no business being a No. 1 ahead of the Longhorns. Of course, there is that tough C-USA schedule to fall back on.
    Tim (San Antonio)

    Memphis was hardly a convincing No. 1 seed. They just kept moving up in the rankings because better teams ranked higher would lose to better competition.
    Brian (Newburyport, Mass.)

    The Tigers weren't going to get a No. 1 seed in the first place, and they will still be a No. 2 seed. The game meant nothing to Memphis and everything to UAB.
    Jason (East Lansing)

    Even if the Tigers blow through the conference tournament, it's still the C-USA. The last No. 1 seed is either Ohio State or Tennessee, depending on who makes the better showing from here on out.
    Hende (Ohio)

    I think it's still Texas' No. 1 seed to lose. If they win the Big 12 tourney, they get it. Ohio State is next in the pecking order, then Memphis. If all three teams lose their conference tourneys, then I guess Gonzaga?
    Matt (Fairfax)

    If Ohio State wins the Big 10 Tourney (a big if) they should get the fourth No. 1 seed. However, if Texas manages to win the Big 12 tourney, they will have an argument.
    DC (Altoona, Pa.)

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