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  • New 'Cub Way' beginning in Arizona

    Theo Epstein kept a straight face at Cubs camp Saturday. That's because he's serious about doing things "The Cub Way" to reverse the curse in Chicago.

    Pac-12, Big Ten form 'collaboration'

    The Big Ten and Pac-12 plan schedules and events that they hope have the benefits of expansion but none of the usual legal hurdles.

    Hall of injustice

    Ron Santo's posthumous election into baseball's Hall of Fame is shamefully late.

    Who could have seen this coming?

    After predicting two division titles, it's time to reflect on a season to forget.

    Cubs sinking under wishy-washy owner

    Cubs fans deserve more than chairman Tom Ricketts is providing.

    Carlos Zambrano and the blame game

    Carlos Zambrano did it again, pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. Enough is enough already.

    An extremely difficult breakup

    Ryne Sandberg played for the Cubs, went into the Hall of Fame as a Cub. He wanted to manage the Cubs, but the Cubs didn't want him, and that makes their parting so tough to take.

    It's time to help the scholarship athlete

    Jim Delany's proposal would make college life a little bit easier for scholarship athletes and, given the revenue the players generate for their universities, a little fairer.

    A tale of what might have been

    If the 2008 lottery went by the numbers, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose would've ended up playing for the Miami Heat.

    Nothing going right for White Sox

    The White Sox already are 10 games out of first place, and they keep repeating the same cry: Things won't be this bad forever. OK, but when will they get better?

    A season's worth of baseball questions

    The long, cold winter is over, and Opening Day is upon us. At last, we can start to get answers to all these offseason questions. Like, what if our man's predictions are actually right for a change?

    Brey gives Notre Dame source of pride

    What Irish basketball has done in addition to win games is to win admirers and, in a tiny way, become an emotional lifeboat for a university community in need of a good story.

    Carlos Zambrano again offers promises

    Every year it seems Carlos Zambrano stands up and makes the same pledge -- the drama is over … the slate is clean … he's a changed man. Do you believe him this time?

    Chicago still belongs to the Cubbies

    The Cubs own the Windy City. Even Ozzie Guillen says so. But with another victory parade, the White Sox could shift the balance of power to the South Side.

    The Albert Pujols contract: Pony up!

    So he's the best player in baseball. Does that make Albert Pujols worth $300 million over a 10-year contract? How do you decide? What would you do? One owner has answers for us.

    Poor, poor pitiful Jay Cutler

    Who'd have thunk it? Four days ago, Jay Cutler might have been the most reviled man in Chicago. Now, he's worthy of our sympathy. That's right: We're feeling his pain.

    So Cubs-like to pass on Ryne Sandberg

    This World Series might not seem like the sexiest matchup, but take a closer look and you might realize Rangers-Giants really is must-see theater.

    Hire Ryne Sandberg as Cubs manager

    Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and Cubs general manager Jim Hendry would be making a franchise-defining mistake if they pursued Joe Girardi before offering the job to Ryne Sandberg.

    Dustin Johnson's error will haunt him

    Feel bad for Dustin Johnson if you like. But the man who made one of the biggest gaffes in golf history has only one person to blame, writes's Gene Wojciechowski.

    Here's to hoping for PGA excitement

    There's plenty of reasons Sunday's final round of the 92nd PGA could be a snoozer. Dustin Johnson's shot at redemption, though, could keep us on the edge of our seats, writes's Gene Wojciechowski.

    For Sergio Garcia, break a smart move

    With his temper tantrums hitting John McEnroe levels, Sergio Garcia's leave of absence after the PGA Championship can't come soon enough, for him or us, writes's Gene Wojciechowski.

    Tiger Woods' game on road to recovery

    Tiger's 71 on Thursday at the PGA proved his game wasn't lost forever, but major victory No. 15 is a ways off, writes's Gene Wojciechowski.

    LeBron's unsavory 'Decision' spectacle

    LeBron James chose the Heat for the right reasons. But the way he did it? Ugh!

    Time for Big Z to point finger at himself

    Carlos Zambrano needs help, and apparently is going to get some.

    LeBron James' message from Chicago

    A brief memo to LeBron James from the nice folks in Chicago: Sorry for the unwanted attention regarding your free agency.

    Firing Del Negro convenient but wrong

    Firing the Bulls' Vinny Del Negro is convenient but wrong.

    Yes, they can

    Here's how the Cubs and White Sox can make the playoffs.

    Despite big moves, Bears still third best

    Despite their bold moves, the Bears are only the third-best team in the NFC North.

    A simple request for good health

    Injury changed Alfonso Soriano, turning him from the explosive player the Cubs thought they were getting to one with the primary goal of simply trying to stay on the field.

    Out with the old

    The Bears need to part ways with Lovie Smith and mediocrity.

    Strange days for Charlie Weis

    How many bridges can Charlie Weis burn in one week? Since he parted ways with Notre Dame, he's alienated Pete Carroll and expressed an interest in somebody else's job.

    Weis' silence speaks volumes

    Charlie Weis started his tenure at Notre Dame by talking a big game. He may have finished his time in South Bend silently.

    Gut-check time for Lovie

    Lovie Smith needs to find the courage to bench Jay Cutler if necessary.

    The joke's on them

    Another Bears embarrassment makes them a national punch line.

    Irish show fight, but still lose to USC

    The Trojans seem to have Notre Dame's number as of late.

    Not a complete loss

    The Bears' win over Detroit gives Chicago something to cheer about.

    Flame out

    Windy City blown away with failed 2016 bid, but some Olympic proposals shouldn't die.

    IOC all about the money

    As the International Olympic Committee's decision approaches regarding the host city for the 2016 Games, Gene Wojciechowski writes that the honor of hosting comes with a large and indiscernible price tag.

    Cutler redeems himself in home debut

    Just days after a nightmarish outing in a loss to the Packers, the Bears' QB resembled the signal-caller his team hoped for in directing a Sunday upset of the Steelers.

    Sweet spot

    The Chicago Park District should place a statue of Walter Payton at Soldier Field.

    Chicago's finest

    Gene Wojciechowski lists the 23 most important athletes in Chicago history.

    What not to do

    Gene Wojciechowski has a memo for the Ricketts family, the new owners of the Chicago Cubs, listing actions they should avoid taking.

    Isn't it about time we left Bartman alone?

    ESPN is making a documentary about Steve Bartman, but this ESPN writer wishes everyone would let the infamous Cubs fan be.

    A harrowing trip home from Turnberry

    Gene Wojciechowski took an unexpected detour on his way home from the British Open. And he feels lucky to be alive.

    The buzz from Turnberry? The Hawks

    The buzz from Turnberry? The Blackhawks, of course.

    Central command

    The Chicago Cubs will win the NL Central by a comfortable margin.

    Piniella's mixed messages bad for Cubs

    Lou Piniella's mixed messages have turned into double standards. But Gene Wojciechowski says the Cubs will still win the NL Central.

    Cubs could benefit from Oprah Effect

    As we wait for the Cubs ownership mess finally to be sorted out, Gene Wojciechowski has a simple solution: Oprah Winfrey.

    Scuffling Cubs remain a mystery

    The Cubs say they'll be fine. They might be. In the meantime, they're interesting ... and not always in a good way.

    MJ validates Hawks' resurrection

    Michael Jordan's presence at Hawks' win reflects NHL's sudden grip on Chicago.

    Rose an on- and off-court success

    Enough with Manny being Manny. Derrick being Derrick is a story worth telling in Chicago -- and beyond.

    Repeat this: The journey is arduous

    Winning an NBA title is tough. Defending one is near impossible. Just ask the Celtics, who are battling injuries, fatigue and the young Bulls.

    Celtics-Bulls: Where Excitement Happens

    If the NBA wants

    Who's the next mayor of Chicago?

    Chicago has always been home to larger-than-life sports personalities. So, which current athlete will step forward to take ownership of the city's athletic landscape?

    Cubs return to scene of the 'cho-llapse'

    How do you make a sequel to a horror movie? As the Cubs enter their 2009 home opener, they vow to both remember and forget their horrific fall.

    Cubs try once more to forget the past

    The past two postseasons haven't gone well for the Cubs. But then, the past century hasn't been all that great. The Cubs once again will try to put that misery behind them.

    Cutler, Angelo, McDaniels on hot seat

    One deal, three careers. Jay Cutler, Jerry Angelo and Josh McDaniels are all on the hot seat after a make-or-break trade.

    Everything Maddux wasn't

    He wasn't greedy enough. He wasn't quotable enough. He wasn't controversial enough. But he was a winner -- a 355-game winner. And we'll miss him greatly this spring.