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Michael Wilbon is a featured columnist for ESPN.com and ESPNChicago.com. He is the longtime co-host of "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN and appears on the "NBA Sunday Countdown" pregame show on ABC, in addition to ESPN. You can follow him on Twitter: @RealMikeWilbon

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Bron's MJ act ushers out Bulls, Thibs

After a promising season ended with an ugly Game 6 flameout, it's hard to see Chicago not going in a different direction with its head-coaching job.

Crazy Game 3 a relief, boost for Bulls

Holding a 2-1 lead on LeBron James puts Derrick Rose & Co. in unfamiliar territory -- though they'll certainly take it.

Healthy Bulls have talent to beat Cavs

The Bulls' ensemble cast has all the pieces to beat LeBron James' Cavaliers, but Chicago must stay focused.

Mirotic deserves top rookie talk

Nikola Mirotic's contributions to the Bulls make him worthy of rookie of the year consideration.

Bulls' injuries too much to overcome

Yet again, the Bulls are the NBA's most injured team. With Jimmy Butler now out along with Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose, a deep playoff run will be nearly impossible, Michael Wilbon writes.

Banks was first among Chicago idols

Nobody represented his city or team more joyously, or more admirably, than Mr. Cub did. Ernie Banks died Friday at age 83, Michael Wilbon writes.

Staying fresh key to Bulls' title hopes

The Bulls must evolve with the NBA on health issues to stay fresh and be a serious title contender.

Bears should hire Bill Polian -- now

If the Chicago Bears are serious about winning, their first call should be to Bill Polian, Michael Wilbon writes.

Bulls have the parts, still honing fit

A new Derrick Rose and an improved Jimmy Butler are only the tip of a sword that's getting sharper by the day, Michael Wilbon writes.

Warriors show Bulls how elite looks

Chicago, still finding its way, is a good team, but the streaking NBA leaders are a cut above, Michael Wilbon writes.

Blame for Bears mess starts at top

From GM Phil Emery, who hired coach Marc Trestman, who can't get the most out of Chicago's talent, there's plenty of blame to go around, Michael Wilbon writes.

Bulls shouldn't rush Derrick Rose

Yes, having Derrick Rose would be nice, but the Bulls are in a position in which there's no need to rush him back, Michael Wilbon writes.

Bulls built to go distance?

The Bulls appear built to withstand injuries -- even to Derrick Rose -- this season.

Opener plays out beautifully for Bulls

Yes, the Knicks are ugly, but it was top-to-bottom domination for Chicago at Madison Square Garden, Michael Wilbon writes.

Past primes Bulls to succeed now

The Chicago Bulls know playoff heartache and failure intimately, which makes this Bulls team more ready than LeBron James and the imposing Cleveland Cavaliers to win a championship, Michael Wilbon writes.

Signs good for unheralded Bears

At 2-1 after beating the New York Jets on the road, Chicago is winning now ... and could well get good later, Michael Wilbon writes.

Cutler, Bears' offense must be better

Built to win games now, the Chicago Bears' offense must be better than it was against Buffalo -- and it starts with face-of-the-franchise QB Jay Cutler, Michael Wilbon writes.

Is international play best for Rose?

Some ask whether international play is necessary for Derrick Rose. The answer is a resounding yes, according to an expert who suggests it's "the perfect setting" for his comeback.

The good and bad of the new Bulls

Their summer additions finally give the Chicago Bulls the potential for a modern NBA offense, but they still lack a second shot creator.

Reality sinking in for Bulls

The Washington Wizards have proven to be physically superior to the Chicago Bulls -- and more talented and explosive, Michael Wilbon writes.

Dunleavy, Bulls ratchet up intrigue

Veteran's huge Game 3 brings Bulls back from the edge in series with Wizards.

Time short for Bulls to snap out of it

The Bulls have a lot to figure out in a short amount of time to get even with the Washington Wizards.

Wizards the ideal matchup for Bulls

Through their play and a little luck, the Chicago Bulls' playoff path looks promising.

Emotional Joakim Noah leads Bulls

Led by an emotional Joakim Noah, the Bulls managed to beat the Heat in another regular-season game but know an NBA King isn't dethroned in March, Michael Wilbon writes.

'He's the spirit of their team'

Emotional and skillful center Joakim Noah is healthy, confident and leading the Chicago Bulls to unexpected heights

Bulls' second foe might be toughest

Offense remains a formidable foe for the Chicago Bulls and likely will be an insurmountable obstacle to playoff success.

Bulls, Rose take smarter approach

Another year lost to a knee injury is not quite as grim for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

Carmelo worth the risk for Bulls

Carmelo Anthony is worth the risk for the Chicago Bulls.

These aren't Mike Ditka's Bears

The Bears need to fully embrace their new identity as offensive juggernaut if they want to make the playoffs, writes Michael Wilbon.

Derrick Rose knows he will be fine

A spirited Derrick Rose insists he won't change his style of play after two knee injuries.

Trestman needs to trust offense

Marc Trestman must trust his offense more for the playoffs to be in the cards.

Changing pace, face of franchise

Derrick Rose may never be the same and the Chicago Bulls must compensate in order to again contend in the future.

Bears should play it safe with Cutler

The Chicago Bears should avoid the risk of playing against Ndamukong Suh and sit Jay Cutler for another week.

Return still a work in progress

Derrick Rose's return to the Chicago Bulls is still a work in progress.

Not enough of old Rose, Bulls there

One could see some of the old Derrick Rose and Chicago Bulls on opening night, but they have much to learn if they are to knock off the Miami Heat come the postseason.

Rose-led Bulls could cool the Heat

Taking down a defending champion requires a special kind of player. Come Tuesday night in Miami, we'll see whether Derrick Rose is that player, writes Michael Wilbon.

A fortuitous work in progress

The Bears have been able to beat bad teams like the Giants while not yet at their best.

Let the legend speak

We should applaud -- not criticize -- Michael Jordan's honest opinion on beating LeBron James in one-on-one.

New faces, same identity

The Bears' offense is trying to evolve while the defense has maintained its game-winning identity.

New Bears, same as the old

The Bears' offense still appears to be a work in progress while the defense remains in dominant form.

Tradition helps ease loss of Urlacher

The Bears will miss Brian Urlacher, but history shows there will be another for the linebacker-blessed franchise.

Heat take fight out of Bulls

The Heat took the fight out of the Bulls in Game 4 of the Eastern semifinals.

Bulls reminded of challenge they face

Their Game 2 disaster shows just how good the Chicago Bulls have to be to beat the Miami Heat.

Believing is enough for Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are overcoming excuses and despair with a confidence that anything is possible.

Even Thibodeau can't work miracles

Wilbon: The Bulls' resolve is amazing, but can only take them so far.

True to their identity

The Bulls took a 2-1 series lead by staying true to their identity as a defensive team.

Missing the point

Those who criticize Derrick Rose for not playing should consider the risk of returning too soon from ACL surgery.

Up for a challenge

The Bulls proved again they can meet the toughest challenge, which could bode well for the playoffs.

A farewell that's tough to bear

Brian Urlacher is another casualty of an NFL system that shows no mercy -- even for icons.

Heat too great for a Rose return

The Heat is too great for a Derrick Rose return this season.

Defense has carried Bulls all it can

Their stellar defense has carried the Bulls as far as it can.

Withstanding the test of time

Michael Jordan's 50th birthday serves to remind those stuck in the moment of the greatness of his legacy.

On the clock

If the Bears miss the playoffs, it could lead to big change at Halas Hall.

Panic? No, just a reality check

The Bears leave San Francisco -- as usual -- in crisis mode.

These Bears just aren't ready

The Bears proved critics right and might face another big test without Cutler.

Ready, willing and unable

The Bulls will be competitive without Rose, but they won't contend for a title.

Why not the Bears?

With a smothering defense and emerging offense, the Bears might be the NFL's best.

Feisty Jay is right Jay for Bears

The Bears should just let Cutler do his thing, and they might be better off for it.

Aged to perfection

The Bears' defense is aging, but it put on a dominant display in Dallas.

Can't count on Cutler, Bears

The Bears needed a strong showing but delivered a debacle at Lambeau.

Calm before September storm

The steady approach of Robin Ventura will be put to the test in September.

Extreme makeover

Jay Cutler and his offensive weapons are redefining the Bears' image.

Painful perspective

Rose and Cutler enhanced Chicago's reputation as a cursed sports town.

Collins knows Rose's misery

As he tries to beat his former team, Doug Collins knows Derrick Rose's misery.

Rose a casualty of NBA's schedule

Derrick Rose's season was a casualty of the NBA's overaggressive scheduling.

Careful what you wish for

Some 76ers who viewed the Bulls as an easier first-round opponent may learn a hard lesson.

Trouble brewing for Bulls

Losses to the Wizards and Heat put the Bulls in danger of losing the No. 1 seed.

Not missing the point

The Bulls' win over the Heat was important

Remembering a pioneer, role model

Lacy J. Banks will be remembered by Michael Wilbon as the driving force of his career.

No move a good move for Bulls

The Bulls did what they should have done at the trade deadline: nothing.

Healthy outlook

The Chicago Bulls remain in good shape despite Rip Hamilton's injury.

Must win, can't watch

Northwestern alum Michael Wilbon can't bear to watch the Cats' run for history.

Minutes add up just fine for Bulls

The Bulls need luck -- not less time for Rose and Deng -- to survive this season.

Depth defying

Chicago Bulls can't attain ultimate goal without unheralded Luol Deng.

Playing with fire

Rivalry shapes big picture for Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat.

Expectations change it all for Bulls

The Bulls must believe they are underdogs because no one else does.

Greatness within reach for the Bulls

The Bulls could build upon last season's success in a big way.

The rich get Richard

Hamilton gives the Bulls the backcourt scorer they've been looking for.

Reality getting in way of optimism

Chicago Bulls need to acquire offensive help, but can they afford it?

Not dead yet

The loss of Cutler does not automatically end the Bears' playoff hopes.

This looks familiar

Chicago Bears' defense, special teams once again define team's winning identity.

Revving their engines

Bears' defensive speed slowed Michael Vick, set up huge rematch with Lions.

Looking out for No. 1

Terrell Owens has enough left to help a Bears team lacking No. 1 wide receiver.

Problem starts at the top

The Bears have regressed after GM failed to improve OL and receiving corps.

Experience required

The Chicago Bulls need seasoned veterans more than promising draft picks.

Diamonds in the rough

The White Sox have the talent but not the results, and the Cubs try to stay afloat.

This one will linger

The Bulls were overpowered by the Heat in a way that leaves something of a stench on what was, in any complete context, a wonderful season.

Lack of a deal put Bulls in this position

The Bulls are paying dearly for being passive at the trade deadline.

Heat beat Bulls at their own game

The Heat used the Bulls' formula for success to beat them in Game 2.

Bulls' backup plan works fine

"The Decision" didn't go their way, but the Chicago Bulls' backup plan has worked just fine.

Chicago Bulls must keep their balance

Bulls can go far with balanced effort they showed in Game 5 win.

Rose proves his value in Game 2 victory

Derrick Rose wasn't firing on all cylinders, but he willed the Bulls to a win anyway.

Bulls' breakdown builds up Hawks

Wilbon: The Bulls' complacency opens the door a crack for the Hawks.

Rose gets back to his winning ways

The Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose notched another winning milestone against the Indiana Pacers.

Bulls follow familiar formula

Derrick Rose is shouldering the load the way Michael Jordan did for the Chicago Bulls, and so far he's met every challenge.

No quit in Dave Bolland, Blackhawks

Dave Bolland's refusal to quit on season helps his team keep theirs going.

Don't count on Rose waiting his turn

NBA history says Derrick Rose must take his lumps, but the Chicago Bulls star's history suggests otherwise.

Rose's Bulls get stamp of approval

The crusty old guys with all the championship rings don't give their blessings easily, if at all. But the old Chicago Bulls, right down to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, appear smitten with this year's team.

Reinsdorf speaks out of turn

Teams can win multiple championships in professional basketball, but Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was unwise to predict them.

Team might be enough for Bulls

With six weeks left in the regular season, the Chicago Bulls have evolved into a charming little ensemble whose cast members are certain that they've got everything they need to win it all this year, most notably superior defense and the chemistry of a Little League team.

Bulls show substance and star power

The Bulls made a major statement by beating the Heat for the second time.

Albert Pujols as a Cub? Make it happen!

Open Tom Ricketts' wallet and Wrigley Field's door and let Albert Pujols walk into Chicago sports history. The long-suffering Cubs might never get a better opportunity to end the drought than the one they can seize this fall.

Game day at the White House

Chicken wings, cheeseburgers, brats. Yep, this one had everything a good Super Bowl party needs. And did we mention Jennifer Lopez and the president of the United States?

All 15 finalists belong in the Hall

What's the Pro Football Hall of Fame to do when all 15 finalists are worthy of induction? Do you leave Richard Dent off your ballot? Deion Sanders? Marshall Faulk? One ex-voter makes the tough choices.

Tough questions still plague Cutler

After watching Jay Cutler's peers line up to question his toughness, Michael Wilbon says the Bears QB will have a tough time changing the dialogue.

As usual, Bears can't cut it at QB

Jay Cutler is the latest Chicago Bears quarterback to prove unworthy of his stellar defense.

A revolting thought

A Bears loss to the Packers? What a revolting thought.

Rose shines in South Side showdown

Forget LeBron, Saturday night was about two kids from Chicago's South Side -- Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade -- dueling at the United Center.

Believe this? The Bears did

The 'no respect' act is cliche, but the Bears have proved worthy of the motivation.

Bears put Favre out of their misery

In one final clash with old rival Brett Favre, the Bears rolled to the NFC North title.

Can't overestimate Yao Ming's impact

One writer's take: Yao Ming has had a greater cultural, and maybe financial, impact on pro hoops than any player in league history. But what happens to the NBA in China if he's finished?

It's tough not to love these Bulls

With Derrick Rose emerging as a true leader, it's OK to finally feel Bullish in the post-Jordan era.

Kobe takes note of blooming Rose

As he arrives in Chicago for a rematch with the Bulls, Kobe Bryant says Derrick Rose's team is starting to look like a contender.

Michael Wilbon: Let the reader beware!

You've listened to Michael Wilbon argue on TV for years. Now he's plying his debating skills for us, too. Here's his position paper. Read it. Learn it. Live it.