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  • Playoffs could be Thibodeau's last stand with Bulls

    Here Thibs stands. On the cusp of possibly his last stand coaching the Bulls. And there's no better time to let his coaching ability -- and nothing else -- speak for itself.

    It's go-for-broke time for Rose, Bulls

    The former MVP must throw health concerns to the wind and lead his team's charge for an NBA title before Chicago's already-small window slams shut, Scoop Jackson writes.

    Chicago fans: Read it and weep

    The same-day news of injuries to Derrick Rose and Patrick Kane are a devastating blow to the Bulls and Blackhawks.

    Cubs' savior has finally arrived

    Joe Maddon's hiring can convert even the harshest critics to believe in the Chicago Cubs.

    Sessions: Corey Crawford

    Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford has learned to manage expectations and develop a short memory on the way to becoming a Stanley Cup-winning goalie.

    Sessions: Isiah Thomas talks PEACE

    NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas is using the PEACE basketball tournament to help curb violence in his hometown Chicago.

    Rose's next step: Dominate again

    His Team USA experience proved a lot, but the real test for Derrick Rose is ahead: learning how to be unstoppable again.

    Chicago's needed moment of pride

    Jackie Robinson West's run to the Little League World Series is a needed moment of pride for Chicago.

    White Sox program coming up ACEs

    A Division-I baseball career is becoming a reality for some Chicago kids thanks to the Chicago White Sox's Amateur City Elite program.

    Sessions: No shaking Thibodeau

    Through injuries to his franchise player and a constantly changing roster, Tom Thibodeau has stuck to his principles in leading the surprising Chicago Bulls.

    Nobody's tougher than Thibs' Bulls

    No Derrick Rose, no Luol Deng, no backing down for the Chicago Bulls, the NBA's most relentless team.

    Is Jeffery missing piece for offense?

    Second-year receiver Alshon Jeffery can be the ideal complement to Brandon Marshall.

    Courting a peaceful alternative

    Pro-Am basketball league provides respite amid violent Chicago summer.

    Putting Chicago on ice


    Not ready to fade away

    Paul Konerko believes he can still help a team, and he hopes it's the White Sox.

    Long-distance reminiscing

    The Bulls' struggles from 3-point range have emphasized the absence of Kyle Korver.

    Ready or not

    Brian Urlacher's departure from the Bears makes Jay Cutler the face of the franchise, for now.

    Eyes on the prize

    Simeon's Robert Smith is focused on winning his fourth straight title.

    Covering, growing with Jordan

    Scoop Jackson reflects on Michael Jordan's amazing career as MJ turns 50.

    This looks eerily familiar

    Illinois' second-half fade looks eerily reminiscent to last season's collapse.

    Waiting for answers

    Only Rose's return will determine whether the Bulls are title contenders.

    Firing Lovie was just the start

    The Bears need to do more than fire Lovie Smith.

    Lovie's not going anywhere

    Despite another disappointing finish, Lovie's future with the Bears looks safe.

    Jabari Parker's big challenge is here

    Chicago will test mettle of Jabari Parker, but don't expect him to crumble.

    Time to give Boozer a break

    Carlos Boozer doesn't deserve the hate he gets from Bulls fans.

    Benji Wilson's ongoing journey

    The tragic tale of Benji Wilson has a chance to heal the city whose violence claimed his life.

    Time to face the truth

    Lance Briggs deserves to be recognized as the new face of the Chicago Bears.

    His time has come

    Bears' Tim Jennings is making the most of his chance as a starting corner.

    The season of now or never

    It's all there for the Bears to either make the best of it or mess up.

    White Sox fall into tie, not panic

    Doubt and pessimism certainly haven't set in on the White Sox.

    Making it look easy

    Rios is living up to expectations and carrying weight of Sox success.

    Front offices playing an unfair game

    Matt Forte has every right to stand his ground.

    Worrying about worst-case scenario

    Will the Bulls' Derrick Rose ever be the same after his ACL injury?

    Rose's pains could turn into gains

    Time on the bench with injuries could actually help Derrick Rose.

    Chicago second to none in hoops talent

    Chicago has become the basketball capital of the world.

    Say it ain't Jo

    So far this season, Joakim Noah hasn't been the energetic, unique talent the Bulls have come to rely on.

    Angelo's critics unshockingly silent

    It's time for the media to give credit where it's due: the Bears' front office.

    Bears not team to please Lance Briggs

    Jackson: It's time for Bears to part ways with dissastisfied Lance Briggs.

    Derrick Rose has all the answers

    Has the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose put to sleep -- definitively -- the argument over who the best point guard in the world is?

    The Cutler debate: perception vs. reality

    Jay Cutler is being perceived as a player who quit on his team, but that's not the case.

    This bandwagon has moved on

    Scoop Jackson doubted the Chicago Bears. Now Bears fans say there's no room on the bandwagon.

    Luol Deng redefining on-court image

    Scoop Jackson chronicles the evolution of Luol Deng under Tom Thibodeau.

    The flaws in MJ's take on LeBron

    If we're to take Michael Jordan at his word that he'd never have orchestrated a collaboration with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, are we to presume he wouldn't sign LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for the team he owns?

    Don't get blinded by LeBron spotlight

    Bulls should pull back in LeBron sweepstakes and focus on Anthony next year.

    Life on the Island of Noah

    Noah's 'game' on -- and off -- the court vs. the Cavs justifies one writer's faith.

    My love and hate for NCAA tournament

    With the tournament beginning, here's what I will love and hate.

    Top of the list

    Rod Strickland is the perfect coach to take over DePaul.

    Statement Game

    It may be February, but the Bulls need to make a statement.

    Gone, never to be forgotten

    Billy Harris, the greatest streetball legend to come out of Chicago, passed away.

    As good as it gets?

    Even at their best, the Bulls have become just another Chicago underachiever.

    Coach is keeping 'em in Chicago

    Meet the Robert Morris assistant coach who built the team with local talent.

    Never content

    This could be the season Kirk Hinrich reminds Bulls fans of his value.

    Bulls closer to pretenders than contenders

    The Bulls' answers to the season's big questions will determine their fate.

    Tough decisions on sports Sunday

    Is it possible for a man to reconcile his passion for sports with Sunday church service?

    Cappie Pondexter's time to shine

    Growing up in Chicago, Cappie Pondexter never dreamt of playing pro basketball. Now she's the key to the WNBA Finals.

    Bradley unfairly being made scapegoat

    Milton Bradley hasn't had a good season, but he's not the reason why the Cubs are failing.

    Who's Chicago's best?

    Scoop Jackson polls Chicago basketball experts to find out if Dwyane Wade has supplanted Isiah Thomas as the best player from Chicagoland

    'Hoop Reality' gets dream postscript

    The documentary film "Hoop Reality" is a sequel to "Hoop Dreams," but NBA draftee Patrick Beverley has the chance to author a much different ending.

    Drafting a master plan for Bulls

    Scoop Jackson charts the Bulls' path to playoff glory in seven simple steps, starting with Thursday's NBA draft.

    Griffin blows through Windy City

    Blake Griffin is ticketed to be an L.A. Clipper later this week, but the future No. 1 pick has a deep love for Chicago.

    Being a black Hawks fan

    What it's like being an African-American fan of the Blackhawks.

    The Chicago fan's bucket list

    Scoop Jackson lists 20 things all Chicago sports fans should do before they die.

    The road ahead looks smooth for Bulls

    As the Bulls took the exit ramp from the 2009 playoffs, Scoop Jackson says the road map looks clear for a long postseason drive in 2010.

    One more night in the pressure cooker

    Scoop Jackson says Chicago and Boston are playing the greatest seven-game series in the history of any sport. So does every side have anything left?

    Gordon could be gone in a flash

    Should the Bulls invest big money in Ben Gordon this offseason? Scoop Jackson says the answer depends on how much they really value Derrick Rose.

    The Rose that rose from concrete

    As Derrick Rose completes his first NBA season, the likely Rookie of the Year talks about his growth, his future and what it's like to play in his hometown with ESPN's Scoop Jackson.

    Why Chi? Answers are blowing in wind

    Why is ESPN dedicating a new site to Chicago? The answers, my friend, are blowing in the Windy City.

    Thanks for the memories, MJ

    In honor of Michael Jordan's making the Hall of Fame, Scoop presents his 10 favorite MJ moments.

    MJ should get his own day at the Hall of Fame

    Imagine being inducted alongside Michael Jordan into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Shouldn't MJ get his own day?

    A kid with the game and grades ... but no scholarship

    Emil Clayton's story is all too familiar. He's got the game and the grades … but not the scholarship.

    A week later, still thinking of Kerr and Van Lier

    Johnny Kerr and Norm Van Lier were the Chicago Bulls, as much as a guy named Jordan.