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The Bulls need to keep Derrick Rose on the floor in the clutch

October 27, 2009, 5:23 PM

By: Marc Silverman

Listen to Marc and Carmen DeFalco discuss the Bulls' upcoming season.

I know, I'm not Tex Winter.

Vinny Del Negro

Gary Dineen/Getty Images

Vinny Del Negro didn't like being questioned about how he used Derrick Rose last season.

The only triangle I know is the "Viagra Triangle" at State and Rush.

But ...

I do know that Derrick Rose should always be on the floor during crunch time of any Bulls game.

Not understanding this, defensive philosophy breakdowns and clock/game management issues earned Vinny Del Negro a spot in my doghouse last season.

I'm willing to give VDN a second chance. As we interviewed Del Negro on Tuesday, I was wearing my Bulls cap. I want this team to win and can't wait for the season to start.

As we wrapped up the interview, I was honestly just trying to joke around with Del Negro about Rose playing late in games.

He obviously is still sensitive about this. After all, his then-GM John Paxson also was publicly critical of his handling of Rose.

Forget stats. Here's why Rose should always be on the floor in big moments. He's your best threat to do anything. We know he can score, from the inside or outside. He's the Bulls' best ball handler and can break anyone down one-on-one. He doesn't always need to take the shot. But Rose being on the floor makes other teams play the Bulls' other players honestly. Drive and kick, anyone? You don't bench your best scorer, passer and ball handler with the game on the line. Jerry Sloan wouldn't do it with Deron Williams. Byron Scott wouldn't do it with Chris Paul.

Second point to the interview, and it's not a huge issue, but why would Vinny discount the Bulls as title contenders?

It's the longest of long shots, but do you think John McDonough would ever let anyone with the Blackhawks say that sort of thing?

And Luol Deng, don't tell me how many games you could lose early. Tell me you'll do everything in your power to avoid falling under .500 like many recent Bulls teams.

Thumbs up to Kirk Hinrich for doing just that.

I've got the Bulls winning 44 games, good for fifth in the Eastern Conference.

But I've also got a feeling VDN is the Bulls' version of Terry Bevington or Alpo Suhonen. I honestly hope he proves me wrong.

Some random thoughts from my weird and wacky mind ...

• I look forward to attending Waddle's Halloween party for the first time ever. I'm going as Kenny Powers. Is it weird to be 38 years old and look forward to this holiday?

• As a pre-party warm-up, I'll be attending the Afternoon Saloon's broadcast at Bull and Bear, one of the good new sports bars in the downtown area.

• Looking for a good TV show? The new season of "Friday Night Lights" begins Wednesday on DirecTV. One of the best written shows on TV. If you don't have DirecTV, it will be on NBC this spring. If you've never seen the show, I urge you to rent the DVDs through Netflix. That's how I'm catching up on "Dexter." I'm on Season 2. Fantastic, creepy show -- just my style. Who knew Showtime had great TV shows? Also LOVE "Californication."

• Best three TV shows I've seen in the last couple of weeks … "The Office" wedding episode; ESPN's 30 in 30 special on the USFL; and ANY "Curb your Enthusiasm" episode.

The worst? Sunday's Bears/Bengals game.

• If you listen, you know I'm not the biggest college football fan, but this past Saturday's action was better than the NFL's games. Fantastic finishes for ND, Alabama and Iowa. Michigan State choked on apple sauce again. And Lane Kiffin, you had a chance to move the ball for a shorter field goal. Shame on you -- again.

• I was watching the Illinois game. Why? I have no clue. So Illinois finally scores a TD. Cameras missed it as the broadcast was still in commercial. Even worse? The TD was then called back because of a penalty. The Illini then missed a chip shot field goal to end the half. So sad it was almost funny.

• I've got the Yankees in 6. I'm hoping to get reeled in more than the earlier rounds of the playoffs.

"Thank you to all and to all a good night."


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