Jay Cutler Day lacking in happiness

Cutler hasn't lived up to hype, but there's still hope he might

November 24, 2009, 9:22 PM

By: Marc Silverman

Happy Jay Cutler Day.

Four words many listeners of the "Waddle and Silvy" show won't let me forget.

It started after weeks of pleading to the Bears to check on the Broncos/Cutler feud and make a play for the QB. They did, and as Jerry Angelo said, "We were in it to win it"

I celebrated. Texted every friend in my cell phone "WE GOT HIM!" Couch slapping was on. Scotch flowed and flowed and flowed. Facebook status updates were Cutler themed for weeks.

Jay Cutler

Jim Prisching/Getty Images

Optimism ran high when the Bears traded for Jay Cutler in the offseason.

In the first few minutes of every show, Waddle wished the listeners and me a "Happy Jay Cutler Day."

We chanted "Super Bears, Super Bowl". Everyone loves a good chant. We didn't really expect the Bears to win the Super Bowl. At least not this year. But the meat head in us had us planning for the big game from 2012-2020.

Today, we are no longer happy.

Don't get me wrong. I'd make the trade again. I still believe Cutler will get me to toast my scotch. And I believe we will all joke about the rocky beginning of the long, successful Cutler era.

By nature, I am a skeptic. And people often ask me, "Aren't you ever happy?" Now, they're throwing the "Happy Jay Cutler Day" phrase back in my face.

This was a can't miss for the Bears. I haven't said that about a Chicago transaction in years.

I wondered about Derrick Rose 's shot and leadership ability. I questioned Alfonso Soriano's fielding and many strikeouts. I thought Patrick Kane seemed a little small.

I liked many moves, but always wondered in the back of my mind, Will this really work out? Never did I ask that after Cutler became a Bear. He wasn't going to be a savior, but he'd be a star from day one. A layup.

I rationalize that Cutler's offensive line stinks, his receivers are mediocre at best, and he doesn't have a running game to lean on.

He hasn't been "coached up" and the playbook lacks creativity. I still can't duck the fact that Cutler has been bad -- bad on his own. With the season on the line, he is the main reason the Bears have lost the last two games.

Ten games in, Jay Cutler is not the player I thought he would be...yet.

I still hold out hope that Cutler will be the Bears first franchise quarterback since Sid Luckman. I still hope he can be a leader, a winner, a Super Bowl QB.

But I'm back to Chicago hoping. All bets are off again and I sit before you humbled as Cutler's No. 1 fan. I will not become his No. 1 apologist.

Happy Jay Cutler Day? I hope it is one day soon.

• Cris Collinsworth called the Soldier Field turf "gooey." The weather was perfect. A few weeks ago, Anquan Boldin was held out of the Bears-Cardinals game because Arizona was worried about poor footing. It was perfect weather then, too. Why aren't the Bears and Chicago Park District more embarrassed about this? The Maine South-Loyola game high school game was played on a better field. Shameful.

• Tears on senior day and interviews at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday for Charlie Weis. Aw, look who's become a sympathetic figure. Don't buy it. Payback is a you-know-what, isn't it Charlie? You treated people like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe for the first few years you were at Notre Dame. Now you're surprised people are ripping you? You made the bed, sleep in it. Good thing it's king-sized for your giant ego.

• Anyone else going to go out of their way to watch the Hawks-Sharks game Wednesday night? The Hawks are listed as the top team in the NHL on the newest ESPN power rankings. They sum it up best & yes, it is must see TV. Can't believe I'm saying that about a hockey game in November. Committed.

• We knew the Bulls would be about a .500 team, maybe a few games better. I didn't realize how boring they'd be to watch. I'd rather be at the circus than watch some of these games on the circus trip. I do have to give credit to Derrick Rose, though. How many Chicago athletes would tell you, "I'm playing terrible"? Rose did and immediately got more aggressive and productive. That's what I call accountability.

• Being Facebook friends with Howard Griffith makes me feel dirty. Don't get me wrong, Griffith is one of the nicest, coolest former athletes I've ever met. But I was in attendance at Memorial Stadium in 1990 when he ran for a record eight touchdowns against my Southern Illinois Salukis. Check out the video here. Things are a bit different for SIU these days as they open the NCAA Division I Football Championship as the No. 3 seed. The first victim? Jurko's Eastern Illinois Panthers. Go Salukis!

• My 20-year high school reunion is Saturday. I graduated from Niles North in 1989. I have no clue what to expect. 20 years??? Jerome Walton was leading off, on his way to rookie of the year. Michael Jordan had just hit "the shot" a month before I graduated. And Tom Waddle hadn't caught a pass yet. I hope to share a story or two from the event next week.

• Season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm came to a close on Sunday. A few of the episodes leading up to the finale are in my top 10 of all time greats. It was cool to see the Seinfeld non-reunion reunion. Or is it the reunion non-reunion? So much for going out with a bang. All that build up for "do you respect wood"? Larry David, you are better than that! That being said, I give this season a B+.

• Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but am I the only one who believes the Wednesday before is the most over-hyped bar night and the Friday after is the most over-hyped shopping day?

• Speaking of thankful, I am so appreciative to all the "Waddle and Silvy" listeners. Your support means the world to me. Thanks for listening. Thanks for participating. And yes, thanks for disagreeing with my quirky opinions. I'd also like to thank the two best producers in all of radio, Randy Merkin and Billy Zureikat. Having to deal with "King" Waddle on a daily basis automatically vaults you to No. 1 in the producer power rankings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.


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