Playing together

Bears hope injuries don't affect chemistry of secondary

August 6, 2009, 2:22 PM

By: Jeff Dickerson

Chemistry is the key buzzword when analyzing an offensive line. When new pieces are added, it usually takes some time for the unit to gel.

The thinking is that line play is a collective effort -- when one guy misses a block, the whole thing can come crashing down. It's really what makes lining up in the trenches unique, compared to other positions, where a singular great individual performance can salvage a play or call gone awry.

So I started wondering about the Bears secondary. How will the loses of Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman affect the group as a whole?

"It's always a plus when everybody can work on the same page," said free safety Danieal Manning. "That's from studying together, working together, knowing each other's tendencies, how everybody plays. It all goes hand in hand."

Perhaps the bright side is these injuries popped up before the start of the regular season. The Bears remain optimistic Tillman will return opening night versus the Packers, and Bowman's hamstring strain isn't thought to be overly severe -- although hamstring injuries tend to linger. However, when two of your top three cornerbacks go down this early, fans have every reason to be concerned.

Players just have to move on.

"That's why we have training camp," said Manning. "Right now there's a whole bunch of talent in the secondary. I feel like we can go to war with any of those guys back there. Trumaine [McBride] has been around for awhile, we know how he can play. D.J. [Moore], we haven't been in a full game with him, but today he did pretty well. Corey [Graham] is in the same boat I'm in, he can play all those positions. So that gives him a big advantage over a lot of people, because he gives the coaches something they can always work with."


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