Steelers' defense will be tough

Attacking style could cause problems for the Bears' offense

September 17, 2009, 3:58 PM

By: Jeff Dickerson

Green Bay was the undercard. Pittsburgh is the main event.

The Bears had difficulty picking up the pressure sent by Dom Capers' 3-4 defense Sunday, so how are they going to respond to legendary Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau's attacking style?

"I think they get a lot of pressure from their outside linebackers [James] Harrison and [LaMarr] Woodley," fullback Jason McKie said. "Especially on third down and nickel situations, they try to disguise coverages and bring a variety of blitzes. They'll definitely try to throw something at us we haven't seen. Green Bay threw a lot of stuff at us, they're a 3-4 team, but I think Pittsburgh runs it better because they've been doing it for so many years. It's going to be a test for us."

Picking up the blitz is one thing. Hanging onto the football is another. If the Bears cough up the ball four times against Pittsburgh, it'll be almost impossible to win.

"I think we just have to limit turnovers," McKie said. "I think if we would've limited turnovers, we would've come out on top in that game [against Green Bay]. Despite all that, when you look at the game and the amount of turnovers we did have, we only lost by six points. I guess you take that as a positive from that game."


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