Ozzie to tear number off Metrodome wall

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Twins are in their final weeks at the Metrodome, and Ozzie Guillen has offered to help his rivals with the goodbye.

The end of indoor baseball in Minnesota can't come soon enough for the manager of the Chicago White Sox, who began their final series at the Metrodome on Monday night with only two wins in their previous 16 games here.

"I don't need any souvenirs from this place," Guillen said.

During each game over the last two seasons, the Twins have had fans, former players and local celebrities help change the number next to a blue banner behind the left-field seats that reads: "Countdown to Outdoor Baseball."

Guillen has been an outspoken critic of the domed stadium's spongy turf and cloudy ceiling, a frustration exacerbated by his team's lack of success in the building. In celebration of his last visit he's hoping to tear a number off to unveil the No. 13. That's how many regular-season games the Twins would have left here once Tuesday's game becomes official, and it's also Guillen's uniform number.

The Twins and White Sox were discussing logistics. Because of the timing of the nightly ceremony, Guillen's participation might have to be videotaped.

He was even willing to risk being chided by his boss, general manager Kenny Williams.

"I know Kenny will be mad, but I don't care," Guillen said. "Just to make sure I don't come to this thing anymore."

Guillen referred to the Metrodome as a funeral home last weekend.