Walker: Ozzie, Williams can work it out

Greg Walker has been around Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams for many years, and the Chicago White Sox hitting coach believes the rocky relationship between the manager and general manager can be saved.

"Yeah, I do," Walker said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "First I think both those men care about Jerry Reinsdorf, and they will do what Jerry asks them to do. ... If Jerry tells them to get it going and get it straightened out, they'll do it."

Walker, who was also teammates with Guillen and Williams in 1987 and 1988 on the White Sox, has had his own tensions with Guillen, who went on a verbal tirade following a loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in June 2008 and called out his hitting coach.

Two years later, Walker said he is trying to stay out of the latest Guillen conflict.

"I'm just kind of letting it play out," Walker said. "We've all been together a long time. We know each other very well. Ozzie is an emotional guy, and he's our leader. We need him sharp and on top of his game. He's been great. The last month I think he's done some of his best managing since I've been here.

"Obviously I don't see it as a positive -- what's going on with them -- but Kenny's been around on this trip, and I've seen them talking a lot. there's too many other things to worry about."

Near the top of that list for Walker has to be the disappointing bats of Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham.

Walker said Quentin, batting .213 heading into Friday's game against the Washington Nationals, has benefited from some recent adjustments.

"Carlos has just not had a feel all year, and he's bounced around with different things with his hands, which is one of his bad habits," Walker said. "He concentrates on some things that are probably not as important as he values, but he's a very proud kid, and he's a competitor. He always competes. You feel for a guy who fights it that hard and then doesn't have success, but he's been really good for a couple days."

Beckham is batting .245 in June after a .159 May, and Walker is seeing good things from the second-year second baseman.

"Gordon is feeling better about himself," Walker said. "He's started to compete against other teams instead of himself."