Paul Konerko hopes to play Tuesday

DETROIT -- Paul Konerko, who wore a heating pack strapped to his back while his teammates stretched before Monday's game, hopes to be back in the White Sox lineup against the Tigers on Tuesday.

"My thoughts are to play [Tuesday] unless I walk in here and something tells me otherwise," he said. "That's my goal. But if for some reason it wasn't tomorrow, it would be the next day. I'm shooting for tomorrow for sure."

Mark Kotsay filled in for Konerko at first base on Monday, batting eighth.

Konerko was removed in the late innings from Sunday's game in Boston because of a stiff back that started to bother him during Saturday's doubleheader.

"It's still stiff, but we'll [see] by the end of the day with all the work," Konerko said, adding that Sox trainer Herm Schneider was being aggressive with his treatment. "It's not a concern, like I'm injured, or worried about it. It's like I had a stiff neck earlier in the year. You know you'll get it out of the way and get it out of there. It just makes you kind of restricted and bound up. I guess that doubleheader, it just got a hold of me."