Oney Guillen tweets dislike for pick

CHICAGO -- With criticism again coming down on Ozzie Guillen's middle son, Oney, and his infamous Twitter account, the Chicago White Sox manager said Wednesday he took steps he believed were appropriate.

Not long after the White Sox drafted Keenyn Walker, a speedy 6-foot-3, 190-pound outfielder, who also happens to be black, with their first pick in the MLB draft Monday, Oney Guillen fired off a Twitter message.

"Shocker the white sox pick another good athletic black kid," Oney's tweet read. "how about picking a good baseball player."

Criticism from Oney Guillen's Twitter followers was immediate and harsh, prompting the author to immediately attempt to clarify his message. He also tweeted an apology.

Ozzie Guillen was asked about it before Wednesday's game against the Seattle Mariners, which the White Sox lost 7-4 in 10 innings.

"I talked to Oney already," Ozzie Guillen said, adding that his wife also had talked to their son. "I have 25 problems. I don't want to add another one. My problem here is to win games. So far I'm doing very bad. Very bad. That's what I care about right now and that's what I'm focused on right now."

Ozzie Guillen was asked if he was disappointed that race was involved in the tweet.

"No, I don't read his tweets," Ozzie Guillen said. "I don't read anybody's tweets. I write mine and I don't read anybody else."

The original Twitter message sent by Oney Guillen has been interpreted as a shot at general manager Kenny Williams, who also is black. The White Sox drafted Williams' son, Kenny Williams Jr., in the sixth round in 2008 and drafted another black outfielder in the 2009 first round in Jared Mitchell.

Ozzie Guillen sent a number of his own cryptic Twitter messages since the end of Tuesday's game. Among them: "God grab your neck but never choke."

Guillen denied that his tweets had anything to do with the White Sox or criticism of his son Oney.

"I told you I'm not going to tweet about this ballclub, I'm not going to tweet White Sox," Ozzie Guillen said. "I never did. The only time I ever tweet about baseball, it cost me a lot of money. I have problems in my house, not in my house with my wife, I have problems with my (extended) family and that's all I was tweeting about."

Williams was asked his reaction upon learning about Oney Guillen's tweet about the White Sox picking "another good athletic black kid."

"We have bigger things to do here," Williams said. "We have a draft to get through. The peripheral things, we don't have time for the peripheral things. It's just a gnat on my ass."

Williams said that he just recently expressed his love to the Guillen family, yet the drama continues.

"As I've said to you on numerous occasions, it's never boring around here," Williams said.

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.