Cubs to simulate new right-field sign

The Chicago Cubs will build a short-term mock-up sign that will go up in right field to simulate what rooftop owners will look through when the renovation of Wrigley Field is completed in 2018.

The Cubs are hoping to work with their rooftop partners and Alderman Tom Tunney in hopes of avoiding long litigation that could hold up the start of the five-year project. A Cubs source confirmed that the team's ownership will not begin the laborious task of renovating the 100-year-old park without a clear legal path to the finish line of work.

The mock-up sign will be in place to show Budweiser how the large display will look after the project is completed. This preview will give the team's main advertiser some input toward creativity and engineering of the permanent sign. The sign will be 650-square feet and will sit above the right-center field back wall of the bleachers. The rooftop owners most likely will be brought in to help in placement of the sign, the source said.

The Cubs source also confirmed that ownership is looking for video board partners to defer the cost of the project that will go up, most likely in late 2014 or early '15. The video board will be 5,700-square feet and will be placed in left field behind the Budweiser bleachers.

With Cubs management being held to the standards of a new agreement with the city of Chicago, it is also looking for the rooftop owners to adhere to all city rules and regulations. Those rules would include not going over capacity limits. During a recent St. Louis series, Cubs officials felt that there was an oversold situation on many of the 17 rooftops in operation.

The Cubs still need to apply for and receive work permits before beginning the renovation project. A resolution of the proposed bridge that would connect the old ballpark to a new hotel across Clark street -- and a suitable entry way for the hotel -- must satisfy the Alderman before construction can begin.

The Cubs source said that the mock-up sign only will be in place for an hour while all interested parties formulate a concept of the new design.