Cubs: Kevin Gregg apology enough

CHICAGO -- Cubs closer Kevin Gregg was told Friday night by president of baseball operations Theo Epstein his status would remain the same and he would not be released despite the reliever's outspoken public criticism of the team, which he followed up with an apology to the media.

Gregg said he had misunderstood a conversation with manager Dale Sveum. During that meeting on Wednesday, Sveum told Gregg he would use reliever Pedro Strop at times in the closer's role the last week of the season.

Gregg then blasted the Cubs for being insensitive to him and disrespectful in reference to the 32-save season he had posted for the team.

Gregg was later called to Sveum's office and admonished by Epstein and told he would be disciplined. Gregg, after hearing that he had not lost the job, apologized and met with media members to further address his comments.

Epstein absolved the pitcher when he found out Gregg, through the prompting of media relations director Peter Chase, made his way to the press box to say he was at fault.

The 36-year-old pitcher was happy to have this brush-up with his bosses behind him.

"I will take some credit for that " Sveum said. "The thing somewhere along the line got miscommunicated. I told you [media] that we may give Strop an opportunity, the same thing I told him. It got miscommunicated and turned into a mess. It is all fixed now and apologies are all accepted."

Gregg, who can be a free agent in November, hopes to get back to talking about baseball after the situation was resolved.

"I think the situation is over," Gregg said. "We can't change the past, we can go forward and forget about it."