GM says Robin Ventura will return

CHICAGO -- White Sox general manager Rick Hahn confirmed Friday that Robin Ventura will return as manager for a third season.

Ventura signed a three-year deal with the team in 2011.

The news that the manager is coming back is significant, considering the White Sox (62-97 entering Friday night) are winding down one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

"I want to be back," Ventura said. "Per our conversations dating back a while, we have planned for the future [together]. We had to start trading players at the deadline, so the rest of the season has been about evaluating and moving forward."

The fate of Ventura's coaching staff is less clear.

The White Sox have made 121 errors after committing a MLB-best 70 last season. The club's baserunning and hitting have been abysmal, leading to speculation that Ventura's staff may change.

"I hope they are back," Ventura said. "I am happy with the work they have all done. Regardless of the record, they have done a ton of work. I know what went into it. That [decision] comes from somewhere else."

Pitching coach Don Cooper is the only coach under contract past this season. Cooper signed a four-year deal after 2011.