Report: Cubs may leave WGN

The Chicago Cubs will leave WGN after the 2014 season unless the television station agrees to higher fees for 2015 and beyond, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday, citing a source.

Cubs officials declined to comment on the report, which said the team informed the station Tuesday that it would opt out in 30 days if the station didn't agree to its financial concerns.

WGN has televised Cubs games since 1948, currently airing up to 70 games per season.

If WGN agrees to the new terms, the length of the contract will run until 2019 -- the same time the team's deal with Comcast SportsNet runs out, according to the report.

CSN currently airs the remaining slate of Cubs games, but there is speculation the Cubs might form their own cable network, where eventually all games could be broadcast.

If the television station doesn't agree to the new terms, the Cubs will be free to negotiate with any broadcast outlet, according to the report.