Rose wishes Wade, Bosh well in Miami

CHICAGO -- On the day free-agent stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh chose the Miami Heat over Chicago, the Bulls' Derrick Rose wished them well and said he would have loved to play with them.

"[Chicago] is attractive, but people are different," Rose said. "Everyone takes situations differently. Everyone thinks differently. I guess they think they made the right decision. I would love to play with them. I would love for them to be here. I guess they felt like they could go some place else and do better."

After seven seasons with the Toronto Raptors, Bosh joins Wade in Miami. The new Heat duo are also expected to continue to lobby LeBron James to join them. James will announce his decision during a special on ESPN at 8 p.m. CT Thursday.

For now, Rose, who got some help Wednesday afternoon when the Bulls and Carlos Boozer agreed to a five-year deal, said he looks forward to matching up against the new Heat.

"Congrats to them. I hope they have a good season," Rose said. "We're in the same conference, so it'll be competitive. It's good they finally made their decision. I wish them all the best."

ESPNChicago.com's Scott Powers contributed to this report.