Carlos Boozer, Bulls move on

PHILADELPHIA -- Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has no lingering resentment over coach Tom Thibodeau benching him in the fourth quarter of Wednesday's loss to the New Jersey Nets.

"It's behind us, over and done with," Boozer said after Friday morning's shootaround. "Moving on to [Friday night's game against the Philadelphia 76ers]. Looking forward to the game tonight."

Thibodeau talked about matchups after the game and how the group that finished had led a comeback and deserved to stay on the court.

"Carlos has been great," Thibodeau said Friday. "The guy's a winner, and he's going to be on the floor most of the time.

"He and Derrick [Rose] sat most of the fourth quarter, and they're cheering their teammates on. At that point, we're just trying to find a way to get a win. ... We were looking to get more energy into the game. And the second unit went in and they were playing well so we had to make up ground. We were down 13. So they made up the 13 very quickly, and I just decided to ride that group because they were playing well."

Boozer was visibly upset after not playing the final 14 minutes in the 96-94 loss.

"You got to talk to Thibs about that," Boozer said at the time. "That was a coaching decision."

Boozer said Friday that he understood.

"He was just rolling with the guys that were making the comeback," Boozer said Friday.

Boozer said his anger was based in the fact his team lost.

"I was mad we lost," Boozer said. "I was [ticked] that we lost. And of course when you lose you want to be out there and help your team play as a competitor.

"I felt like if I was out there I would help my team win. But that's over and done with now. You can't go backwards. As much as you guys want to go backwards, we can't go backwards. We got to move forwards."

Nick Friedell covers the Bulls for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.