Floyd Mayweather: Bulls good bet

Two days after posting a picture on his Twitter account of a betting slip that showed he won $37,272.75 on the Chicago Bulls, boxer and Derrick Rose fan Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he would have bet $100,000 on his favorite player's team.

"At first I was going to bet $100,000 on the first half but I happened to be asleep," Mayweather said Friday on "Carmen, Jurko and Harry" on ESPN 1000. "The Atlanta Hawks happened to be in a slump. At this particular time with what's going on in the NBA right now, Derrick Rose is the leading candidate for MVP. I believe in his skills. He's an amazing player. He's one of the players you can bet on."

According to the photo on his Twitter account posted early Wednesday morning, Mayweather made a halftime bet that the Hawks wouldn't outscore the Bulls by six points or more in the second half. Mayweather laid down the expensive halftime bet with the Bulls getting 5.5 points.

The visiting Bulls outscored Atlanta 42-38 in the second half on their way to a 114-81 victory, easily winning the bet for Mayweather, who believes Chicago is the team to beat in the East.

"I want the team to stay 100 percent," Mayweather said. "If the team can stay 100 percent they got a great chance of getting to the Finals, facing probably the Heat in the East. I think in the West this year it's either going to be the Spurs or the Lakers."