Taj Gibson on refs: 'That was crazy'

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls power forward Taj Gibson still can't believe he didn't get the benefit of two calls late in regulation of Tuesday night's Game 2 loss to the Washington Wizards. With 10.5 seconds remaining, Gibson dove on the floor for a loose ball and appeared to call time out but was not given the call by the officials.

"We looked at the film, we looked at the jump ball, that was crazy," Gibson said. "But the loose ball I called [time out] three times. I had it. Nobody else was around me. D.J. [Augustin] called [time out] a couple times. We had a lot of guys in [Bennie Adams'] face. He just didn't give us a time out ... he was looking right at me [as I was] saying it and he just called a jump ball."

Gibson said the Bulls did not receive an explanation.

"He didn't give us anything," Gibson said. "He didn't say anything."

The jump ball that came immediately after the time out might have irked the Bulls even more. Gibson thought he was held by Wizards' big man Nene.

"I felt like there was a lot of activity," Gibson said. "He just pushed me out of the play. I didn't know you could do that. But you learn something new every day. Can you do that? He took my whole arm and just threw me. I didn't know that was [legal]. You look at the film, he hits [referee] Joey [Crawford] in the face while he does it. So I don't know what to say."

Game 3 is Friday night in Washington, D.C. The Wizards lead the series 2-0.