Drew Gooden has unusual contest

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden offered tickets via Twitter to Monday's game against the Chicago Bulls to any of his followers who sent him him a Twitter photo of a Bulls jersey in a toilet, and the winner sent in a shot of a submerged Kirk Hinrich jersey.

"First person that can twit pic me a Chicago Bulls jersey in the toilet will get my tickets for tonight's game," Gooden wrote on his verified Twitter account (@DrewGooden) on Monday morning.

Several followers sent in pictures, but the winner -- according to the account -- was Zack Krupp, who sent in the shot of the Hinrich jersey. Gooden, who is inactive for Monday's game, was able to get the tickets to winner before the contest.

Gooden and Hinrich were teammates at Kansas and then again with the Bulls from 2007 to 2009.

"Hated for it to be Kirk's jersey but oh well," Gooden posted after announcing Krupp the winner.

A Bucks spokesman confirmed that he had heard Gooden was planning the contest.

Gooden and Bulls center Joakim Noah, who are close friends, had been exchanging jabs via Twitter ever since the Bulls beat the Bucks on Saturday night in Milwaukee.

"U dont want twitter war Goody. Word on street is ur minglin around Mastros. I'll send Bulls fans to come tie you up," Noah tweeted on Sunday, referring to a popular Chicago restaurant.

But after Monday morning's shootaround, Noah said it was all in fun.

"That's my best friend," Noah said. "He wants a Twitter war, so I gave him a Twitter war. ... I love that guy. That's my guy."

Gooden said before Monday's game that he wasn't surprised their back-and-forth became public.

"I told Jo that was going to happen," he said. "That's one of my good friends in this league and outside of basketball so I can take it from him any day."

Gooden said he hadn't spoken with Hinrich, but didn't expect the Bulls guard had heard about the contest.

"Nah, I don't even think Kirk even follows Twitter," Gooden said. "Hopefully he didn't see that."