Kane: Bulls should shut down Rose

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane said Monday he thought the Chicago Bulls should shut down Derrick Rose for the rest of the season, for the sake of Rose's future and that of the organization.

The 24-year-old Kane, who is 1 1/2 months younger than Rose, said he couldn't relate to Rose's injury, but Kane felt the cons outweighed the pros in Rose returning this season from a torn ACL he suffered in the playoffs last season.

"I think he's so young in his career, to mess with an injury like that at this point, I'm sure they feel like they can win a championship, but with him and that injury and the way he plays, personally, I'd just shut him down for the year and get him ready for next season," Kane said. "But I'm sure that's not what the fans want to hear or anyone covering the Bulls. That's just my personal opinion as an athlete."

Rose, who has been medically cleared to play and has been participating in 5-on-5 scrimmages for five weeks, said recently he was unsure if he would return this season, which consists of just 13 more regular-season games. The Bulls are currently the sixth seed in the East.

"I think with that you got to be careful," Kane said. "If he comes back and even tweaks it or hurts it again, he's out even longer. And then sometimes, it's even more mental with an athlete. Personally, I've never been with something like that -- knock on wood -- but the way he plays and his career, he's too valuable to pass up even for future years. I think the organization and probably the fans would be more happy in the long run if they shut him down."

Kane said he respects Rose for his actions off the court as much as on it.

"Just his personality, to be honest with you," Kane said. "I see him a lot, and he always seems to work hard, real nice kid, down to earth.

"I think one of the things that really gained the respect with him is when he's giving his MVP speech there and started talking about his mom, and I think he started crying. Even this year, I think he was at some adidas thing. Just pure emotion, just to see an athlete like that, I think it's cool when you see that stuff."