Packers' Driver rips Bears' receivers

Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver said he loves Chicago Bears receiver Devin Hester, but just the same, Driver isn't impressed with the Bears' receiving corps.

"They don't have a receiver," Driver said on the "Waddle & Silvy" show on ESPN 1000. "They don't have any true receivers that step up and play and take their team to where they want to go.

"I love Devin, and Devin knows that, but Devin plays [defensive back]. I don't think he's just a solid receiver right now. He may become one as years go on, but it doesn't happen overnight."

Driver went on to say this offseason has been calmer for the Packers, who haven't been involved in the Brett Favre saga.

"A lot of guys just kind of put it out of their mind, and said that whatever Brett does he's going to do it on his own, and we can't worry about it in Green Bay," Driver said. "If he signs with Minnesota, he does, and if he doesn't he doesn't.

"If he signs with them, then we prepare for him when that week comes around, but right now we're not focused on that. We're just focused on winning games trying to get to where we want to go, and that's the world championship."